Faith followers and die hard believers, ex fans and passive likers. The time has come to unveil some secrets about the new material. After massive waves of misery from all fans around the world praying in years for exposing a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. about the new magic we have decided that we are now ready to do that.

Here are 3 clips from 3 different songs that will appear on the new album. Its midi drums here only and the whole thing is taken directly from a raw working/recording document, which means neither mix nor any kind of sound improvement has been applied on the clips, which is the very point of leaving the final effect for the real album. Also, its MP3 format of course.

Feel and absorb the magical power, and if not then sell Your metal gears and buy golf equipment!

Mighty regards!

Clip 1 from song with working name “Wizard”
Clip 2 from song with working name “Spirit”
Clip 3 from song with working name “Fire”