Lost Horizon, the bringer of Metal salvation, are:

Transcendental Protagonist

Transcendental Protagonist
Poesy of spiritual enlightenment / the entire string romanticism / soulhealing euphoria generators
Translation for mortals - lyrics / guitars / synthesisers
Earthshape - Wojtek Lisicki
Cosmic Antagonist Cosmic Antagonist
Orchestrating of thunder & seismic harmonising
Translation for mortals - bass guitar
Earthshape - Martin Furängen
Preternatural Transmogrifyer Preternatural Transmogrifyer
Keeping of the Universe's pulse & taming of Chaos
Translation for mortals - drums
Earthshape - Christian Nyquist
Ethereal Magnanimus

Ethereal Magnanimus
Laments of the souls & primal victorious warrior cries
Translation for mortals - vocals & screams
Earthshape - Daniel Heiman