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Reviews March 2001
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Lost Horizon – Awakening the world (MFN) 
Goddamnit holy motherfucking christ this shit is fast. Not only is it fast, it’s very catchy. And not only is it very catchy, it’s pretty good too. Will I be losing myself in superlative praising again in an attempt to produce a non-biased review? Like, hell yeah! So we all know it doesn’t take that much to get me excited when it comes to authentic heavy metal, but in this cd’s case it is truly justified. Lost horizon simply have the balls to be what it takes to be a real competitor in heavy metal for years to come. The debut-release ‘Awakening the World’ has all the signs of a true classic: great songwriting, catchy choruses, high pitched vocals and solo’s that’ll make you want scream along to them.

Over-enthusiastic, am I? No sir, this band is truly great. Lost Horizon is the continuation of Highlander, the band that gave life to HammerFall. After Joacim Cans left for HammerFall the remaining bandmembers got their acts together, looked for a new singer and released this cd. Joacim must be feeling like the world’s biggest jerk right now, because not only is the Lost Horizon-vocalist a better much singer than he’ll ever be, this cd is also at least a hundred times better than the disastrous Renegade cd HammerFall buttfucked last year. Forget about them, Lost Horizon is the new rising star in heavy metal. ‘Awakening the World is an  outstanding achievement.

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