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Lost Horizon (Album) - 'Awakening The World' - AM
14 February, 01

Lost Horizon
Awakening The World
Music For Nations

Cosmic Antagonist, Transcendental Protagonist, Preternatural Transmogrifier and, finally, Etherial Mangnanimus - an edition of 'Countdown'? Well, no. These are the names of four band members known collectively as Lost Horizon - one of the finest metal bands to come from Gothenburg, Sweden.

After one of the most dramatic and eerie intros to a Metal album ever, we're subjected to the battle cry of 'The Quickening' before a wall of galloping, 'Maiden-style guitars crash in on 'Heart Of Storm', which is sheer poetry, containing the awesome lyrics 'Life matters in metal, but a secret of steel, you are blessed'. 'Perfect Warrior', 'Denial of Fate' and 'World Through My Fateless Eyes', every one is a winner. Imagine an entire album of Iron Maiden's best tracks fronted by classic Rainbow-era Ronnie James Dio. That's what you have here. Real men do indeed play on ten.

[Out: 26 March 2001]

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