01 - The Quickening
02 - Heart Of Storm
03 - Sworn In The Metal Wind
04 - The Song Of Air
05 - World Through My Fateless Eyes
06 - Perfect Warrior
07 - Denial Of Fate
08 - Welcome Back
09 - The Kingdom Of My Will
10 - The Redintegration

Release date:
March 26, 2001

Label: Music For Nations

Rating 10 out of 10
Reviewed by Tommy Lejon

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Lost Horizon

From time to time there comes along new metal bands that immediately attracts more attention from you than new bands usually do. For me Swedish Lost Horizon is just that kind of band. It was quite a long time ago I last heard newcomers to the scene with such a strong song material and so much spirit and attitude. This band won't accept being called trend followers or even being called just a power metal band. They are plainly a true metal band with their roots in the eighties and also in their mutual love for metal. After listening to the album like a hundred times (yes, it really is that good!) I can only agree with the band, they are certainly no followers and they have made an album that proves it! Their music is hard to categorize and comparing it to other bands is equally difficult. Their attitude towards metal and life in general makes me think of Manowar or maybe Virgin Steele. But I can't really say that their music shows that many similarities with the mentioned bands, but a certain kind of attitude is definitely shared! The album have all the necessary ingredients for an excellent metal album - speed, power, great guitar riffs and incredible choruses. Mix that with an attitude, and you have Lost Horizon! The singer deserves some special mentioning, he has got a very strong voice that differs quite a lot from the 'ordinary' metal singer. It is hard to pick out specific highlights from the album because the song material is so strong and even! But if you want to get a pretty good idea of what Lost Horizon is all about, I can strongly recommend Welcome Back and Heart Of Storm. Lost Horizon will take the metal world by storm, take my word for it...


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   March 2001
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Lost Horizon - Awakening The World

Our rating: 10/10 [ review ]

[ interview ] (only in Swedish at the moment)

A true metal band from Sweden that deserves all credit for their unique approach to metal with its roots in the eighties. The power of metal stands as strong as ever!

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