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LOST HORIZON – Awakening The World / Music For Nations

This is the debut album of the band and it is a pleasant surprise for us. They are playing true metal, but much heavier than Hammerfall, or other similar bands. They have influences from Manowar among other bands, but their music is even heavier. Their metal is epic, heavy, groovy and certainly concert and club friendly. The singer has a very good voice, the guitars are cool and the rhythm section is creating a wall of sound. Their metal is not new or revolutionary, but it is played with such a passion that it is impressing. These guys love to play metal and this is obvious. If you are into true metal you’re going to raise your fists and bang your heads with their music and there’s none here who object to this. The production is good, without being perfect, clear and heavy enough. Their barbaric look might be a bit ridiculous Ione of them reminds me of Minsc from Baldur's Gate !) but their music is more than good. Check them out and you might be in for a big surprise with them.

March 2001 - 8/10