(Music for Nations - 2001)

Country: Sweden


True metal at its best! Among the countless average “true metal” bands that keep coming from around the world, Lost Horizon have what it takes to rise the genre to a higher level and become the No 1 in their style!

I kid you not! Even from the front cover the band shows their intentions. Mighty warriors that come from the skies to free the world from human formed animals (hey are they music producers?). Songs like “Heart of Storm” and “Sworn in the metal wind” leave you no doubt. Fast paced USA metal with epic lyrics, great guitar work and …wow what a voice from Daniel Heiman!

The guys not only have great speed killers but even in the more mid tempo and melodic songs rule, like “Welcome back”. The production is great and definitely this was an excellent choice for “Music for Nations” as it seems that Lost Horizon will become soon a Major name.

I believe that every “Epic” or “true metal” fan out there must check them out. You definitely won’t be disappointed! Hail!



 1. The Quickening (Intro) - (1.06)
 2. Heart of Storm - (6.16)
 3. Sworn in the Metal wing - (5.43)
 4. The Songs of the Air (Instrumental) - (0.59)
 5. World through my Fateless Eyes - (5.08)
 6. Perfect warrior - (3.55)
 7. Denial of Fate - (3.39)
 8. Welcome Back - (5.41)      
 9. The Kingdom of my Will - (9.13)
10. The Redintegration (Outro) - (1.42)