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Lost Horizon - Awakening The World

Man, with such an amazing cover like this one (done by Niklas Sundin, guitarist for DARK TRANQUILLITY), you could only expect a top release in the Metal-world. You also gotta love the names of the band members "Transcendental Protagonist (guitars)", "Cosmic Antagonist (bass)", "Preternatural Transmogrifyer (drums)", and I really love this one, "Etheral Magnanimus (vocals)". So now that you could see that this is not your normal "run of the mill" Heavy Metal-band, let's check out the music.

LOST HORIZON come forth with one of the best collection of songs, I have heard in a really long time. The tracks are packed full of buzzing bass (jumpy, too), crazy guitar noises, and a totally blitzed drumming , while "Etheral" spits like nails his truth, the only truth, the hard truth. His voice is amazing, like a Scandinavian Geoff Tate. Heavy as hell throughout, "Awakening The World" is a raging demolition derby of tortuous battle-torn sounds, like the frantic "Sword In The Metal Wind" and HELLOWEEN-ish "Perfect Warrior". This far and away buries all its closest competitors (in this case, HAMMERFALL), due to emotion and song-writing skills.

My only complaint is that is only has an agonizing seven songs (three instrumentals), hopefully they will give us more to sink our teeth into next time. Rumbling, corrosive machinery from the new masters of structured noise. Press the repeat button on my CD-player one more time and pass me a black coffee.

10 points
Peter Konstantatos
Music For Nations
Playing time:
  1. The Quickening
  2. Heart Of Stone
  3. Sworn In The Metal Wind
  4. The Song Of Air
  5. World Through My Fateless Eyes
  6. Perfect Warrior
  7. Denial Of Fate
  8. Welcome Back
  9. The Kingdom Of My Will
  10. The Redintegration
Lost Horizon