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Lost Horizon

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Lost Horizon  Awakening The World (Koch Records) **** and ** for the silly names

The first thing you notice about Sweden’s Lost Horizon, unfortunately, is the silly garb and personas they take on.
  While names such as Cosmic Antagonist (bassist Martin Furangen) and Preternatural Transmogrifier (drummer Christian Nyqvist) might have been "interesting" and somewhat unique in the 80’s, today it just doesn’t hold up.

Musically, however, Lost Horizon is a class act - and this is really what matters, right??? Guitarist, Transcendental Protagonist (aka Wotjek Liscki) knows his way around a fretboard like no ones business and Etherial Mangnanimus (frontman Daniel Heiman) has a fantastic voice - and knows how to use it properly.

Highly touted as the "best debut power metal album ever released", Awakening The World may very well stand up to that claim. With "Heart Of Storm", the album opens with a Maiden-esque "gallop" and sucks you in immediately. Other tracks, such as "The Song Of Air" and "Denial Of Fate" keep things rolling
and keep the interest level at a maximum.

The buzz on this band is huge and they may very well find themselves thrust into the same category as Blind Guardian, Angel Dust and the mighty Helloween a little sooner than even they might have expected.

--Dave Tedder

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