Lost Horizon - Awakening The World
Music For Nations, 2001

A new Swedish star has begun its rising towards the metal sky and hopefully it will not fall. Lost Horizon was formed in 1998 and this is their debut album. Music For Nations claims this to be one of the best debut albums ever. I donīt know if thatīs true but it is without a doubt a very good album that will please power metal fans all over the world. Take Sweden and power metal and what do we have? You might have guessed Hammerfall and this is also what Lost Horizon pretty much sounds like but in my opinion Hammerfall has a pretty flat sound compared to this new act. These four guys play with great technical skill, itīs fast and melodic but it has been done so many times before. Intelligent songwriting makes it a lot more interesting than most Europower releases the last couple of years but in the end it gets slightly boring. The speed and dynamic drive in the music is really amazing though and the vocals are also very varied and by no means only annoyingly Helloweenish. This is absolutely an album to check out if youīre into power metal. Worse debut albums than this one have been seen on the Earth...

Song listing:
1. The Quickening
2. Heart Of Storm
3. Sworn In The Metal Wind
4. The Song Of Air
5. World Through My Fateless Eyes
6. Perfect Warrior
7. Denial Of Fate
8. Welcome Back
9. The Kingdom Of My Will
10. The Red Integration

Playing time: 43.27


Lost Horizon
Music For Nations
Đ2001 Vincent Eldefors