Awakening The World

~reviewed by Michael Johnson

Power metal. For years and years the formula has been the same: soaring vocals carry the tunes while the drums gallop along next to the equally fast guitar riffing. It is very high-energy stuff and is usually accompanied by themes of warriors, courage, and eventually, mastery of the entire world. Power metal can basically be divided into two categories: total crap and great stuff. Lost Horizon fits easily into the latter.

When I first looked at the CD, I scoffed and thought I had just been sent something to take out my aggression on. Perched atop a hill the band stands (a la Manowar’s Fighting The World release) wearing makeup akin to Crimson Glory back in the Transcendence era. However, within mere minutes of hitting the play button, I knew I had a good one. You see, Lost
Horizon doesn’t do anything new, but they do it well. Very well. The key to good power metal is the hooks, and there’s a ton of them on Awakening The World. There are a few sparse and short instrumentals to break it up but they’re short enough not to deter you from the power of the songwriting. In fact, as I write this, I’m listening to something else on the stereo but “World Through My Fateless Eyes” is on repeat in my skull and I’m pretty damn happy about it. “The Kingdom of My Will” and “Welcome Back” are equally addicting but it’s unfair to single out only a few tracks.

Lost Horizon has also done something on this album that I have never seen. Normally thrown into the album somewhere is a gentle ballad where the band shows their flexibility and that it’s not that easy to be a true metal warrior. These attempts at wooing the audience normally fall flat and for me, become a spot on the disc that shows little to no wear. Lost Horizon has chosen to slip the mold and, save for the small interludes, release an album that is fast from start to finish. In case you didn’t notice, that’s yet another kudos for this album. I could do without another song about lost love.

In short, I am going to give this album a high recommendation. Any fan of power metal will enjoy this release. I’m not sure whether it was the fantastic vocals or the lightning fast guitars that did me in, but I have a feeling it was the delivery of the entire package as a whole.

Lost Horizon is:
Transcendental Protagonist – Guitars, Synth
Cosmic Antagonist – Bass
Preternatural Transmogrifyer – Drums
Ethereal Magnanimus – Vocals