Hellstorm's No-Holds-Barred Hard-Core Reviews






Upon first getting this I thought, "Oh No". These guys look like a cross between Manowar, Bal Saggoth and Crimson Glory. What's that mean? Total Posers. I don't mean in the Motley Crue way, but sort of in the Manowar sense. (God I'm gonna get killed for that!) These guys dress and present themselves as if they came from a Conan Movie, especially the scene where they storm James Earl Jones' Harem wearing the black and white tiger stripe paint. Plus stage names like Preternatural Transmogrifyer and Cosmic Antagonist just make me wanna scratch my head and mumble "What The Fuck?"

You know what? Fuck all of that. this release Kills! I mean I fucking love this release. Totally uptempo and Testosterone fueled Heavy Metal that surely enough brings the best aspects of Manowar to the forefront. I get a bit reminded of Virgin Steel also, in their narrative, epic songwriting, but I swear this one album is better than Virgin Steel's entire catalog. Imagine a band like Helloween or Gamma Ray covering Manowar songs and you'll get the ballpark where this is.

One surprising element here is none of this came off too sweet, or gay like 95% of Power Metal does. Very strong and Heavy material, that leaves me salivating to start the disc over again. All I ask is next time guys............PUT SOME FUCKING SHIRTS ON!