30 June 2001
30 June 2001
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  Artist Lost Horizon   
  Title Awakening The World   
  Record Comp. Music For Nations / Audioglobe   
  Year 2001   
  Lenght 43:27   
  Genre Power   
  Vote 8  

The name Highlander is not so known by the most people, but it's the Swedish power metal band from which Joacim Cans, Patrik Raftling and Stefan Elmgren came to join the top-seller Hammerfall. After their leaving the remaining members didn't give up and, recruited other musicians, decided to go on following their path changing the name into Lost Horizon and, most important thing, releasing one of the best Power metal CDs of the last times! Accompanied by a rather ridiculous frontcover that looks like a crossing between "Fighting the World" of Manowar and the fantastic "Maus" comic book, the four Swedish guys succeed in giving us in just seven songs some emotions that more famous bands like Stratovarius, Primal Fear and the last Gamma Ray haven't been able to give us. The success of the Scandinavian fourpiece is due to different elements of various nature. For a start the instrumental performance of the band, since they show a rare compactness: Martin and Christian give birth to a breathless rhythmical section, Wojtek grinds riffs and solos at full throttle while Daniel, whose voice can recall the Italian Fabio Lione and also "Ripper" Owens in the most aggressive moments, gives us a various and faceted singing. But the instrumental ability of the four guys would be nothing without the presence of an inspired and articulated songwriting, whose fruits are seven songs that merge the resounding rides of Helloween and Accept-like memory with a melodic severity that can recall Manowar and Rhapsody someway. "Heart of Storm" is a wonderful metal ride with an epic involving guitar work supported by a dynamic broken drumming, "Sworn in the Metal Wind" gives us the most wicked riffs sequence in the whole album linked to a liquid flowing refrain, "World Through my Fateless Eyes" and "Perfect Warrior" are two powerful and epic mid-tempos, with "Denial of Fate" and "Welcome Back" we are back on charge and the final "The Kingdom of My Will" with its nine minutes of lenght is the ideal sum of the whole work. Great Lost Horizon! They grind and smash the most of their competition with creativity and strenght. If only they had chosen some less stupid nicknames...

Fulvio Adile

  Etherial Mangnanimus (Daniel Heiman) 
  Trascendental Protagonist (Wojtek Liscki) 
  Cosmic Antagonist (Martin Furangen) 
  Preternatural Transmorgrifier (Christian Nyqvist) 
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