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Awakening the World
Lost Horizon

Daniel Heiman (Vocals) Wojtek Liscki (Guitar) Martin Furangen (Bass) Christian Nyqvist (Drums)

This Swedish group Lost Horizon is more than ready to further resurrect the sights and sounds of the power metal genre that have long been buried under layers of rock hybrids.


Awakening the World is that complete package of that fantasy theme of wizards and warriors imagery with the complementing audio of fast, heavy, and very melodic metal. You are immediately introduced to this type of environment with “The Quickening,” the album’s stormy intro leading into the very powerful “Heart of Storm.” This is just about everything you could ask for in a power metal song. Along with the juggernaut drumming, the allegro roars of bass, and visionary guitar work, are also the impressive vocals, whether it’s Heiman alone or the collective harmonizing effort of all. Even though the album lists ten tracks, you really get seven true compositions. The remaining three serve as an intro, prelude, and closing. But “The Kingdom of My Will” does clock in at over nine minutes, thus making up in the length of music for lesser tracks. Another highlight song on the album includes “World Through My Fateless Eyes.”


Awakening the World is definitely geared for those who have grown up on or followed such acts as Iron Maiden, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, or even Hammerfall over the years. It’s very fast, heavy, melodic metal set into a fantasy theme serving as an escape from reality. With today’s scene of heavy rap-rock, agro-rock, and nu-metal heavily commercialized and promoted on radio and TV, fans of this type of music don’t know where to turn for their power metal fix anymore. Consider giving Lost Horizon a try.

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