LOST HORIZON - "Awakening The World" - KOCH RECORDS

I've been sitting on this review now for over a month now.  You know how some things are just too good to be true?  Well, the pessimist in me insisted there was something I was missing.  I don't think I've had this feeling for many years, that feeling that I was dealing with something larger than life.  Lost Horizon has managed to bring back that magic I had back when I was 14 and had just put in a new "Lizzy Borden" or "W.A.S.P" album.  Lost Horizon has that same aura, which MUST be strong since I'm in my early 30's now.  Despite their appearance of looking like extras for "Braveheart", the music is absolutely amazing.   Pure Power Metal that's done so amazingly well that even the most skeptical music critic would have to appreciate.  Their precision is spellbinding, I could honestly say that with one album they have put themselves in a class with Manowar, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and others.  The buzz is incredible one the band and with big-time label support from Koch, who knows what's going to happen.  I have to include the band members, their names and instruments for effect:

Transcendental Protagonist
Poesy of spiritual enlightenment / the entire string
romanticism / soulhealing euphoria generators 
Translation for mortals - lyrics / guitars / synthesisers
Earthshape - Wojtek Lisicki 

Cosmic Antagonist
Orchestrating of thunder & seismic harmonising 
Translation for mortals - bass guitar
Earthshape - Martin Furängen 

Preternatural Transmogrifyer
Keeping of the Universe's pulse & taming of Chaos 
Translation for mortals - drums
Earthshape - Christian Nyquist 

Ethereal Magnanimus
Laments of the souls & primal victorious warrior cries 
Translation for mortals - vocals & screams
Earthshape - Daniel Heiman

While some might say this is just "Cheesy Metal", I think it's a great angle.  They don't give a shit what the mainstream thinks, and they aren't writing radio friendly hits, and dammit, that's cool!  Hopefully this will translate to the younger kids and create an army of new Metalheads.

The writing is so powerful and the lyrics are more than just fluff.  Every song seethes power and might, something that we are lacking in today's society.  Lost Horizon preaches independence and self-reliance, and no, that doesn't mean they're greedy or heartless, they seem to be saying, "hey, stand up for what you believe and everything else will fall into place."  I don't want to get any more philosophical, but just the idea that Lost Horizon brings this topic to the forefront is a good sign, that means they've struck a chord.  This is a must for the collection, a very important record that speaks for every Metalhead on the planet.