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News Archive - May 01, 2001

Lost Horizon Guarantees To 'Awaken The World' With KOCH Records Debut
The earth will shake and mountains will crumble as KOCH Records releases one of the most prestigious debut albums on June 12th, 2001; Lost Horizon's Awakening The World'! The most current in the line of domestic releases
spawned from KOCH's licensing deal with UK-based Music For Nations, Lost Horizon is poised to up the ante for the world of melodic Metal. The band's mission was to record the ultimate quality Metal album, and through painstaking construction, they have delivered! 'Awakening The World' is crammed with harmonious, melodic, passionate and powerful true Metal masterpieces that are set to compete with the best. Sounding simply huge, the epic guitarwork that underpins the astonishing vocal talent of singer Daniel
Heiman (who ascends the power metal throne on his first performance) show that Metal lives stronger that ever.

It may seem that Lost Horizon had just crawled from the earth's crust and are making boastful claims, however, through researching the band's history, one can deduce that Lost Horizon are true warriors.

"The old Millennium reaches its end. The year is 1998. A sudden mighty gust of Metal fills up the hearts of three pure ones. Wojtek, Martin and Christian are their names. That sacred call, that final cry, breeds a spiritual
aspiration, which leads to the great gathering of the three. Under a prodigious influence of the same, shared flame, baptized in Metal and the restored will, they interlace their faiths and conclude their goals. Transcendental Protagonist, Cosmic Antagonist and Preternatural Transmogrifier are born."

However, the power of pure will would mould and shape the history and future of this birthplace and pedigree for these future Metal commanders. Their original formation, Highlander (1990-1995), featured the likes of Joacim Cans, Stefan Elmgren and Patrik Rafling of today's HammerFall.

"Over two years, the reunited companions consequently prepare a great manifestation for the world - their first album of power. About a year later, when the adjusting of the thoughts is almost finished, another shape turns on the horizon. The singer Daniel Heiman joins the true ones, embellishing the music with his divine voice. Listening to his deepest ego, also he finds his
true identity. Also he, listening to his deepest ego, finds his real identity. The new, fourth warrior is born. The new, fourth warrior is born. His name is Ethereal Magnanimus."

Two demo songs are recorded and in June 1999 these are sent out to several record labels. By the end of the summer, the formation receives very positive feedback and interest from most of them. Yet, only one of them proves itself worthy enough. Signing a covenant with Music For Nations, the collaboration begins and the four warriors enter the studio. Like a trance, with no rest and no mercy, from late March to mid August, the album 'Awakening The World' is created. Only the walls of the several involved studios know the pain that has been experienced. But nothing could stop the enterprise.

Having already performed at the first ever NTS Festival in France on March 31 alongside such nobility as Rhapsody, Shaman (ex-Angra), Silent Force and Mob Rules, Lost Horizon plans to tour vigorously to support the release worldwide throughout 2001.

"And now the work is finished. The first ritual is over. The second begins. And out of nowhere the fifth and the sixth warrior are on their way to take their place at the round table, where two of the thrones that surround it have been waiting to be ascended. The new dawn is born and is here to stay. Once lost. Now brought back. The LOST HORIZON."

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