I have something for all you old school metal heads. Not you hair band maniacs, but the real metal people. Believe me, Lost Horizon could gut the guys from Warrant and hibernate for the winter inside of them.

Awakening the World, which was just released on June 12, has the typical metal layout of 8-10 songs. You know itís a metal disc when it has so few songs. I never have figured out why they do that in the metal world. You donít believe me? Get out your old albums and check it out for yourselves. Take Ozzy for example, his albums from the 80ís only have the obligatory 8-10 on every album.

The disc starts out great with some thunder and lightning. Really, and whatís better than that? Any metal album that gets you juiced up with storm sounds or demon lingo is cool in my book. I was waiting to hear the voice of Satan, but to no avail. I can tell you now that if you went to the show at Blossom last summer when 'Maiden, Halford, and Queensryche played, then you are the right person to own this disc. Lost Horizon is all those bands wrapped into one. I was so amazed to hear a new band creating the old metal sound, especially now when you have all this teenage pop garbage out there. Lost Horizon is rock and roll at its finest.

The cover alone is metal through and through. People with their eyes missing and human bodies with pig, rat and vulture heads acting as puppeteers for the people. Thatís beautiful!

I thought I was in for some really heavy new shit. I was wrong. What came out of the speakers was top choice metal of the old days. I wish I could keep these guys a secret for myself. I hate when great music gets huge and everybody jumps on the bandwagon. I have the feeling that it is not far away for this bunch of sick metal heads. If you have ever worn a metal t-shirt or even listened to metal, go out and find this disc. Then go get your friends and some beer and relive some old metal memories.

Revue'r: Tom Isenberg

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