Lost Horizon, Awakening The WorldLost Horizon has been around for a few years in different forms. Originally known as Highlander, a band that featured members of Hammerfall, they developed an original musical style. A metal heart is strong on this debut CD, and it immediately inundates the listener with vocal melodies that harmonize with the representative, melodic power metal, guitar sound. Metalium, Gamma Ray, Rhapsody and Iron Maiden fans will instantaneously rejoice, and relating Lost Horizon to those bands should give you an idea about the overall style, and influences, going into the music bestowed here.

Pertaining to the story, we have 4 metal gods transcending upon the earth. Have we heard this before? Maybe so, but not presented in this manner. Recent metal gods Metalium wanted to fight the heathens, but Lost Horizon is spreading another message with their music. Their directive is one of self worth and triumph over your body, mind, spirit, and as a result "Awakening the World".

The first song, "Heart of Storm", is a powerful way to start the CD, and Daniel Heiman uses his voice to itís full potential. "Sworn in the Metal Wind" continues to ascertain Lost Horizon is a heavier power metal band, but later songs delve into a more controlled style. They are more melodic without losing their initial speed, however this CD piles it on fast and heavy at first, and it seems to falter and slow towards the end. It would be nice to include a heavier song as a reprise. 

Still, even after my one complaint I will say that this is a strong debut. Lost Horizon mixes the best elements of metal on a triumphant CD! They are a potential hope for the future of metal, and have already released one of the best CDs in the genre. If only I could hear what their demo CDs or Highlander sounded like.

1.The Quickening (Intro) 2.Heart Of Storm 3.Sworn In The Metal Wind 4.The Song Of Air 5.World Through My Fearless Eyes 6.Perfect Warrior 7.Denial Of Fate 8.Welcome Back 9.The Kingdom Of My Will 10.The Redintegration

2001 KOCH Power CDnow