Lost Horizon (Sweden)- "Awakening the World" (2001 Koch Records)

Yes, Sweden again! After a slow recovery from audio trauma this band gave me along with their labelmates a couple months ago,Opeth, what can I say? This Swedish invasion of just killer bands is as explosive as the days of the death metal movement..Entombed, Dismember,Necrophobic,Unleashed and Grave. The lads from Lost Horizon are an unbelievable prog metal with some deep thoughts as I read their CD booklet for around 25 minutes and realized how music is important to them with the thanks list as long as my frame-- I'm 6'3" by the way!! They even thanked many 70's icons and the forgotten ones I even respect like Jan Hammer and Jeane Michael Jarre(Oxygen!!!!). Musically these guys compose themselves like Helloween fused with Yngwie with high vocals ranging from Boals to Scheepers and Kiske.Most of these tracks are uptempo but they do change things around quite often. 10 tracks,43 minutes of pure enjoyment; a must-hear and I'm not kidding if you like Opeth,Pain of Salvation and Gooseflesh type aggression but elegantly done. http://www.oncelosthorizon.com/ or http://www.kochentertainment.com/

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