First look at their cd cover is like looking at warrior gods from a fantasy book cover. It shows freeing the human race slaves from "animal faces puppet masters dressed in a 3 piece suit" from slavery. Excellent art work! This is Power Metal from Gothenburg, Sweden and I'm very glad indeed to hear all these types of metal bands from my motherland.
Music For Nations claims that this Lost Horizon CD is one of the best debut releases ever however I wouldn't go that far but this album definitely keeps growing on me the more I listen to it.
The album opens up with the intro " The Quickening" with synth and thunder and some warrior cries and leads into the second track " Heart Of Storm" which blows you away with straight forward excellent clean cut power metal. This continues throughout the whole album apart from track "The Song Of Air". 'The Song Of Air' is a small pretty piano synth number, which breaks up the songs. It's a common effect that has been done a million of times before but it does the trick and gives a little spell for the listener's brain. .
The album in whole is tight and heavy and very melodic with extremely powerful vocals. There are no surprises here, but at the same time it felt refreshing to hear something you have heard before and like to hear again.
My first thought was this is what metal used to be like and it brings you back in time a little. Maybe Lost Horizon will bring back more traditional Power Metal to today's metal scene. We all need "metal warrior god heroes" to free us from daily life for just a little while! Lost Horizon gives us 43.27 minutes worth to be exact. .
If you want metal to be very traditional, heavy, tight, melodic, and extremely powerful this is a must for you to get your hands on.

Malin Busch

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