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With only one album to their name, this Swedish metal sensation has taken the power/true metal community by force!

Lost Horizon's debut album AWAKENING THE WORLD is a contender for the best metal album of 2001 and they are easily the BEST NEW BAND to emerge this year.


This band is NOT about weakness, giving up or giving in. This band promotes the belief in yourself, the conviction that you make your own fate in this world. They may not sing about slaying dragons, but their lyrics are as powerful and equally as glorious!!! If we could all adopt their wisdom, the once lost horizon would indeed be found and this world would be a better place for it.

The first incarnation of these metal warriors began under the name Highlander approximately 10 years ago. At that time HammerFall's Joakim Cans was the vocalist. That line-up did not record together nor last. After some down time the band reunited and the search for a vocalist ensued. Lost Horizon vocalist Daniel Heiman (AKA Etherial Mangnanimus) came from a band called Conviction. Reportedly he didn't make any appearances on their CDs or on any recording. Wojtek (Lisicki - lyrics / guitars / synthesizers) and Martin (Furängen - bass) had talked for years about this great singer that they had met at a birthday party that they were at years before. Daniel's name came up again and again and finally the band decided to try and contact him...the rest is history.

Lost Horizon are a band every fan or power and true metal have to listen to. This is pure metal with raging vocals, head banging tempos, melodies, galloping drums.....METAL VALHALLA!!! So raise your chalice in a metallic toast to the newly discovered metal kings...LOST HORIZON!!!!!!!


Band Members:
Cosmic Antagonist (a.k.a Martin Furangen) - Bass
Transcendental Protagonist (a.k.a Wojtek Liscki) - Guitars
Preternatural Transmogrifier (a.k.a Christian Nyqvist) - Drums
Etherial Mangnanimus (a.k.a Daniel Heiman) -Vocals

Etherial Mangnanimus (a.k.a Daniel Heiman) -Vocals
Above picture courtesy of Metal-Rules.com
Watch out for their huge coverage of Wacken 2001
which will include lots of coverage of Lost Horizon


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"Hey man! What is this?!
Sounds like wail of a wimp
Did you let loser side take command?!
Where's the warrior in you
And the spirit he got
You say - "lost"
No! It's somewhere inside!!!"

Lost Horizon (June 2001)
Sworn In The Metal Wind - A conversation with Preternatural Transmogrifyer (AKA Christian Nyquist), drummer and metal hero!

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