LOST HORIZON "Awakening The World" By: MONSTER OF METAL MAY 2001



      The Quickening
Heart Of Storm
Sworn In The Metal Wind
The Song Of Air
World Through My   Fateless Eyes
Perfect Warrior
Denial Of Fate
Welcome Back
The Kingdom Of My Will
The Redintegration 

Here we go again with another fruitful result from SWEDEN. This country has struck again in the music scene with LOST HORIZON. What can I say about this debut power trip. It simply f**king rocks to the bone. I am at a loss for words. Last time I was this excited for a cd was when I was cranking Vanishing Point’s Tangled In Dream. The likes of these four metal warriors are simply gonna blow your ears out with the type of power metal that includes speed, tone, power, energy, melodies and breaks that will have your heart rate go from 190 to 120 back to 190 in no time (you get the point). I must not forget to include a fair share of fantasy as well. The fantasy consists in the lyrics for the way old medieval life is used as a metaphor (bravery, valor, heart, fate) to intertwine their hardships with those that our society has to deal with in the new millennium. The four elements of life our portrayed as meaningful pulls within the songs to create this fantasy ensemble. Lost Horizon is how metal should be played with a fantastic production that is pure and powerful right from the first chords of “HEART OF STORM” . You will find plenty of drums and reasons for crowd sing-a-longs. Speaking of crowd participation, Daniel Heiman is simply fantastic. If he has the same energy and tenacity live as he does on the record, he will be the puppeteer stringing the crowd gone mad. He can be high notch or simply melodic; A wide display and range of vocals. He is one of those singers who’s voice rides the lyrics and enacts up a character to the feel of the tempo. Melodies and harmonies outline the feels of “DENIAL OF FATE”. This one is too melodic and damn too short of a song. It will have you screaming for more. “WELCOME BACK” doesn’t fall short either with plenty of guitar attacks. The finale “THE KINGDOM OF MY WILL” is well.. F*&k this. I’m still at a loss for words in describing this song. Your mouth, just as mine still is, will hang to the floor. Just a phenomenal show of emotions and twists. In plain old English my friends, this 9 minute time bomb ready to blow is damn good metal up your ass. As is the entire power metal Lost Horizon deliver in their debut. A great future awaits these gentlemen. And they will definitely not disappoint, that is if you can get past their Mad Max/Amazon make up look. If you don’t try this when it comes out on June 12, you better go in hiding for the rest of your life. Better yet, put yourself out of your misery listening to Britney Spears and Nsync  




Wojtek Lisicki (Transcendental Protagonist) :lyrics / guitars / synthesisers
Martin Furängen (Cosmic Antagonist): bass guitar
Christian Nyquist (Preternatural Transmogrifyer): drums
Daniel Heiman (Ethereal Magnanimus): vocals & screams

Produced by: Wojtek Lisicki and Lost Horizon
Artwork- and layout ideas by Lost Horizon
Executive production by Martin Furängen and Baskim Zuta

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