Lost Horizon - Awakening the World

Genre Power Metal
Daniel Heiman
Tracks 10
Wojtek Lisicki
Runningtime 44 Min.
Label AFM Records
Martin Furängen
Release 26 March 2001
Christian Nyquist
Country Sweden
Wojtek Lisicki
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The Quickening (Intro)
Heart of Storm*
Sworn in the Metal Wind*
The Song of Air
World through my Fateless Eyes*
Perfect Warrior
Denial of Fate*
Welcome Back*
The Kingdom of My Will*
The Redintegration

* = Staff's pick

Wow- way to go Sweden! "No fate- only the power of will". These are the words of the band members themselves and what a power Awakening the World brings us. Lost Horizon is, in my opinion, the absolute best Swedish power metal band at the time being. This is an absolute awesome album of the truest power metal imaginable: Non-compromising and bombastic in every possible aspect full of power and force. Awaking the World is absolutely one of the very best releases during 2001 and according to me already an icon in the genre.

For you who haven't heard them yet I can only offer my truest sympathies and condolences to your loss. But trying to describe what Lost Horizon sound like is a bit hard because they're just simply who they are and then some.

There aren't really any bands they can be compared with regarding the sound but their dedication is another matter though. Here we can say that Lost Horizon is a Swedish variant of for instance German Wizard and Italian Domine and the "metal warrior attitude" is the joint factor I'm talking about. Just check out the names of the tracks…

Anyhow Awakening the World is full of great metal tracks and outstanding vocals. Rhythm guitars with the "galloping" feeling and more traditional power metal riffs spiced up with the usual great intro, interlude and solo- stuff. Heiman must be said to be one of the best Swedish vocalists and he uses his voice without remarks no matter if it's darker and hoarse or of a higher pitch one, which it especially is in the great sometimes-occurring "metal screams".

And I must also mention a few of the tracks especially. The great opener Heart of Storm is a feast for your ears and a perfect way to begin an album like this. The following one, Sworn in the Metal Wind sets the perfect metal warrior mark and goes straight to your heart. Other more traditional power metal tracks are World through my Fateless Eyes, Perfect Warrior and Denial of Fate but never has "traditional" been so great!

And then it comes - THE song of the album:. Welcome Back. Don't be the slightest surprised if you find yourself humming "What about the life… What about the death…" for years and years to come. This is a power metal track that knocks you off your feet I can assure you that much. And finally the last one to bring up is the 9-minute The Kingdom of My Will- one of the album highlights and the way an album of this calibre should end.

Lost Horizon is one of the bands that make metal sound so easy and they deliver it with such honesty and heart that it's impossible not to be enormously impressed and breath taken.
So all in all adds up to an awesome debut-album that once again proves that Sweden is an awesome country when we're talking great metal.

Lost Horizon stands in the very heart of the metal storm blowing over the world and if you haven't already been swept away by this powerful force don't hesitate for a single second. Lay your hands on this one a.s.a.p and your metal-collection will get a very compatible and powerful addition. Disappointment in this matter is definitely NOT an option.

So the last thing I can say is simply: Impressive guys- very impressive! Keep this up and the full 10 should be just around the corner!

9 chalices of 10 - Mat

(Tommy's opinion: 9,5 of 10)

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