Awakening The World
Koch Records - 2001

Transcendental Protagonist, Wojtek Lisicki - Guitars
Cosmic Antagonist, Martin Furangen - Bass
Preternatural Transmogrifyer - Christian Nyquist - Drums
Ethereal Magnanimus, Daniel Heiman - Vocals

CD Review

Once upon a time not so long ago there were bands that thrived on building a strong METAL NATION through powerful songs, music and image. An image that dealt with immortal beings, an image that was built around strong mythical heroes and legends. Warriors that conquered all. Such bands that come to mind were Manowar, Virgin Steele and Thor. They played loud, fast and very powerful leaving one to believe that the all mighty METAL hero would lead us as one to form a METAL unity and so it did. There are many of us who still believe and for the artists that churn out this great METAL, for them, the flame still burns.

Times have changed and those great bands have come and gone and come again and the METAL NATION that they worked so hard to build has been torn down by sellouts, fake METAL and the corporate pricks who are only interested in turning a profit instead of the music. Tables are turning and the METAL underground is surfacing in all traditional forms including the powerful image building bands. One such band is Lost Horizon...

Lost Horizon fits in that special class of legion leading, unity METAL NATION building bands. The name in itself is symbolic of what was lost and now returning. The title says they are awakening the world to the power of METAL as in wake up! Recapturing the legion of fans and reuniting the forces of METAL. Just take one look at the names above and see their powerful look and you come to realize that this is a unique band standing up and fighting for what they believe in. Nothing about this band is mainstream, and they don't seem to really give a shit, and that's all right with me! You get the full package with LH. The music is LOUD and powerful, in your face, it is not basic or weak. The musicianship is top notched. From the riff blazing leads to the double kick of the drums to the bass pounding rhythms to the almighty vocals, Lost Horizon is all business. Opening the CD is the instrumental intro 'The Quickening' leading into 'Heart Of Storm'. One word some these up - POWERFUL!. 'Sworn In The Metal Wind' starts out thrilling and fast and never lets up. The errie 'Song Of Air' adds the element of keys before launching into 'World Through My Fateless Eyes' Every song is rich and crisp and oozes loads of power. The lyrics are strong and have depth, no fluff, no meaningless screaming and bullshit. This is real power METAL. The remainder of Awakening is spellbinding and crafted with precision. No disappointments from beginning to end. It's nice to see bands like this resurfacing to the scene. It forces doors open. For once in a very long time fans will recapture the magic that Lost Horizon returns to us. New fans will hear and become addicted discovering the old-new music of yesteryear.

Lost Horizon has captured the purest envision of METAL with their aura and most importantly their music. They enlist respect, self reliance, and independence. Without preaching to their audience, they seem to be saying stand up for what you believe. Everything else is second nature and will follow. Taking on the world by chance, taking it by the balls, 'Awakening The World - Lost Horizon. |A+|

CD Review

Warriors of steel unite. Another turn into traditional metal has been taken but with a flare and freshness that gives this CD a whole new definition of power. One thing that bothers me about the melodic metal tag is that more often than not the "metal" part is sadly lacking. Lost Horizon have found a perfect combination, managing to pull off what so many, supposed big name bands could not and that is keeping things interesting past the first few tracks. With the first song being an intro and two more instrumentals found in the mix, we get seven full songs that just plow through the wall of so-called anthem metal. The soloing is razor-sharp, the rhythms very active and changing with the singer using a powerful, clean tone and hitting some amazing highs. The bass/drum backbone also hold their own as their diversity shines in both the galloping, driven tunes and full-out speed cuts. If you love the fantasy based bands that are always calling for the brothers of metal to unite this band is for you. There is a certain power here that instantly makes this band a front runner in this style of metal. |A|

Reviewed by: Doug 'BLOODYAXE' Fortune


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