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Lost Horizon
Awakening The World
Music For Nations
  1. The Quickening
  2. Heart Of Storm
  3. Sworn In The Metal Wind
  4. The Song Of Air
  5. World Through My Fateless Eyes
  6. Perfect Warrior
  7. Denial Of Fate
  8. Welcome Back
  9. The Kingdom Of My Will
  10. The Redintegration

Daniel Heiman-Vocals
Martin Furangen-Bass
Christian Nyqvist-Drums

Read their interview here!

Yeah, we lived enough to see that. A power metal band signed by Music for nations.. A company that 'till now had mainly extreme metal bands and some others (not extreme) like Spiritual Beggars. Lost Horizon is the first "power metal child" of the Music For Nations family. Don't ask me why they did it.. I can't possibly know..

Now you'll say: "If Music For Nations decided to sign a power metal band, then this band must be really good". Yes, you are right. Lost Horizon is a very good band. The only drawback is that they might remind you a little bit of EVERYTHING you have ever heard.. I don't mean that they "copy" or they "steal" from other bands but their music has so many elements from other glorious bands of the past and that can be easily noticed. What I like on this band is that they play with a progressive feeling on their sound but the result of the music is not progressive at all! Err.. I confused you right? Well, I'm not less confused! Every instrument is very well played. Very good guitar parts where melody meets with aggression and a pretty tight rhythm session. The vocals are very, very good and Daniel seems to have collected many good elements from his (and our) favorite vocalists. Sometimes he screams and he reminds me, (a bit) of my beloved Eric Adams (check out Sworn In The Metal Wind). Manowar surely must have been one of these guys' influences. Of course I have to mention that they try to add some personal touches on their music and they manage that but not in a high rate. Epic/Power with more influences from the German power metal Scene ( but I have to say that they have a few elements from the USA Power scene too) would be a nice definition for their music.

In a few words Lost Horizon is an amazing newcomer and if these guys add some more personal touches on their music then we can talk about one Metal Warlord (and not just a metal warrior). If you like power metal go for it WITHOUT a second thought! I don't rate easily a power metal band with more than 7.5 but this time I'll give an 8. I really like them. Hail guys! A really CRUSHING debut no doubt! Carry on but be careful with your image a bit. It might ruin your music part.


- Stathis