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Lost Horizon - Awakening The World
Music For Nations - 2001
01. The Quickening
02. Heart Of Storm
03. Sworn In The Metal World
04. The Song Of Air
05. World Through My Faiteless Eyes
06. Perfect Warrior
07. Denial Of Fate
08. Welcome Back
09. The Kingdom Of My Will
10. The Redintegration

Lost Horizon is the name of a new power/heavy metal band from Gothenburg/Sweden. Awakening Of World is their debut album. Three of the guys, Wojtec, Martin & Christian of  Lost Horizon had a band once called Highlander, some bandmates from Higlander were Jocim Cans, Stefan Elmgren & Patrik Räfling, known from another power metal band from Gothenburg.....Hammer Fall. Lost Horizon are palying power metal, very similar to many other bands in the genre, but it´s sometimes much better than most of the bands of today who are into the same kind of music. The vocals are great, quite varying and not to screamy, the music has lots of doublepumping kickdrums, the guitar solos and riffs are really good, everything is very melodic and catchy. This is a good power metal album that should be something for fans of this kind of music. 7 of 10 Fredrik - March 2001