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LOST HORIZON - 'Awakening The World'
Label: Music For Nations
Style: True Metal.

Rating: 9.5/10
This is the debut release from Swedish 'True Metal' protagonists LOST HORIZON.  
The original incarnation 'Highlander' featured members of HAMMERFALL although their sound is kinda different & rather impressive.Vocalist Daniel Heiman has one mighty set of lungs - this guy can wail like a banshee & harmonize his own voice in registers that only dogs can hear!!  This is harmonious, melodic, passionate & powerful true metal that can certainly compete with the best out there.  With the individual band members embracing leather, clasping chains & taking on psydonyms like Cosmic Antagonist, Transcendental Protagonist, Preternatural Transmogrifier, Etherial Mangnanimus you know these guys embrace the true metal faith & are certainly not to be messed with!!  Hell I cannot argue with tracks like Denial Of Fate, World
Through My Fateless Eyes & Perfect Warrior they are killers. 

The track Sworn In The Metal Wind contains some of the most powerful screams I have ever heard - extracting as much passion & emotion that demonstates what the human vocal chords are truly capable of... feeling, expression & emotion that you must dig really deep for.. Just check out those neck snapping galloping riffs whew..
 In a market that can often be flooded with a lot of average power/true metal this stands above as real quality.Great songs, musicianship & production - this kicks ass.
The best power metal can uplift & make you feel strong enough to take on the entire world & this delivers magnificently..
I'm gonna use it to pump up for my next workout!  I cannot recomend it more highly than that!!
Awaken the World Indeed..

Review by Dave Harrison.


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Thursday, 02 August 2001

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