Lost Horizon - Awakening the World (2001)
Grade: 8/10
(Swedish Power Metal)

1. The Quickening
2. Heart Of Storm
Sworn In The Metal Wind (download Mp3)
4. The Song Of Air
5. World Through My Fateless Eyes
6. Perfect Warrior
7. Denial Of Fate
8. Welcome Back
9. The Kingdom Of My Will
10. The Redintegration

Band Members:
Cosmic Antagonist (a.k.a Martin Furangen) - Bass
Transcendental Protagonist (a.k.a Wojtek Liscki) - Guitars
Preternatural Transmogrifier (a.k.a Christian Nyqvist) - Drums
Etherial Mangnanimus (a.k.a Daniel Heiman) -Vocals 


Lost Horizon is a new Swedish metal band and "Awakening the World" is of course their
debut album. The music is solid true metal. Oh god not another one, I hear you say but 
before you judge them, give the cd a list, you might just be surprised. Lost Horizon is the
continuation of the band Highlander. After Joacim Cans left for HammerFall the remaining
band members got their act together, got a new singer and released a good cd.

The music is in the vein of Hammerfall and Manowar but heavier. The vocalist does hit  
high notes but does not constantly singing in a high-pitched range. He is also pretty damn 
good. The guitars and rhythm section all sound great. The music is not new but is played
with passion. With the good songwriting, catchy choruses and epic feel this band could go
far. Maybe even take the crown away from Hammerfall. Production is not perfect but it 
fits well, being just clear and heavy enough.

Image wise we´ve got another batch of barbarian warriors, wielding guitars. Looking like
extras from the Braveheart movie. I am sure its going to be great to see them live. Pity 
about the cover art though, its not very impressive, but as we all know the cliché. Don´t 
judge them on the cover because the music is great. Check the "Awakening the World" 
out and if you like it you know who to thank. If you hate it forget you ever read this review :-)

Favorite Tracks: Sworn in the Metal Wind, Welcome back, 

Review by -Amorphous-