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Lost Horizon
Awakening The World

Line Up :

Distributed by : N/A
Release Date : March 2001

Lost Horizon is NOT " another power metal band " . Although power metal may be their addiction and the music the support and perform , you should not pass them by . Even by listening to the first song of the album , " Heart of Storm " one is able to underline their influences . Gamma Ray , Grave Digger , Helloween and a little bit Iron Maiden ( they all have Maiden as an influence , don't they ?:) . Aggressive bass lines and rhythm guitars along with melodic lead guitars and some keyboards spread in the tracks forms the motive that Lost Horizon follow . The vocalist is skilled to say the least and performs on high peaks or melodic choruses , depending on the song . The cover artwork will definately remind you some of the bands described as influences and make you think that the band members are more or less posers . I , personally , think they just play good music and it's fine with me if the want to dress up in medieval ways , etc. No specific " masterpieces " in this album . I think all the songs are representative of the band's work and are pleasant enough to listen to . 

  8 / 10    Kyriakos Nathanael



















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