LOST HORIZON · Awakening The World

Raising from a burning desire and blessed by the secret of steel., Lost Horizon stroke hard into the market not only because their music. Also because their goals, messages and statements of Metal Revival. Awakening is a flame that strives for the insurrection of will and to smash away all the rats of our planet.
You will find 10 omnipotent songs where 3 are instrumentals (The Quickening, Song Of Air and The Redintegration), and rest of the album is pure True Metal energy in action. The compositions have incredible multiplelevels of velocity and rhythms but also epic atmospheres which will prepare you to fantastic explosions of might. Songs such as Heart Of Storm, Denial The Fate or Welcome Back are the perfect representations about the band philosophy and their fight to rise Metal beyond the human senses.
My favourite one is The Kingdom Of My Will, an epic song that must be fantastic to performe live.
All the compositions, guitars and synthesisers are in charge of the Transcendental Protagonist of the band, Wojtek Lisicki who is also the main soul of Luciferion, a ruling death metal band from 95.
Lost Horizon is reinforced by the warrior cries of Ethereal Magnanimous, Daniel Heiman. Preternatural Transmogrifyer, keeping of the Universe's pulse, Christian Nyquist on drums. The orchestrating of thunder of Cosmic Antagonist, Martin Furängen on bass guitars who also was other spectrum involved in the machinery of Luciferion.
I should also say the production is extremly high and it is represented from the first font to last tune of the outro. Each instrument was recorded in different studios, so you can have an idea about the big procuction behind. I know there are some who called this album other ‘Powermetal’ edition. But I am not agree at all. Firstly, I believe ‘Powermetal’ as a music style is only a lie, a commercial title which was imposted by the major record labels, just to sell more CDs and give a new category to the European bands. Secondly, Lost Horizon IS True Metal, take it or leave it... Besides Powermetal is for kids but True Metal is a highest sphere which only few can understand, enter and be able to hold it...
So if you are one of those who feel the fire burning inside; just paint yourself for war, pick up the sword and ride the fuckin thunder man! Time to burn motherfuckers!


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