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 Music Review: Lost Horizon

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Awakening of the World
Lost Horizon - KOCH records -
Words: Christian Henry

Music is constantly changing. What was popular a few years ago isn’t what’s popular now, but Lost Horizon is on a self appointed mission to change that. The Sweden based band has sworn to “bring metal salvation,” a genre of music that hasn’t been in the limelight lately. The members go by the names of Cosmic Antagonist (Martin Furarangen), bass guitar, Ethereal Magnanimus (Daniel Heiman), vocals, Preternatural Transmogrifyer (Christian Nyquist), drums, and Transcendental Protagonist (Wojtek Lisicki), lyrics, guitars and synthesizer. Their debut album seems like the start of many more. Their mission: open the minds of those who have been blinded by todays’ corrupt world and bring back true metal. Living in an almost super hero world, adorned with capes and funky nicknames, the one thing these four musicians seem to express is their passion for their cause. Upon first look they seem as though they are a cross between Hercules’ adventures and the Fantastic Four. Each song, though sounding annoyingly similar, is calling action to the public and reviving the hearts of lovers of metal. Ten tracks with the same beats that are unnecessarily lengthy plague the groups’ first project. Equipped with warrior like characters, the thought passes several times whether they are actually serious. On the up side the stand out tracks include World through my fateless eyes and Welcome Back. The one thing rescuing this album is the passion they have devoted to their music and message, yet at moments it is a little too dark. The lyrics are intense and serious. They are sometimes a little over dramatic and slightly obsessive on saving the world. The cover art supports their foundation to, “not only to play our music and hope that people like it, but rather to actually say something with what we do and make people take a step back and open their eyes” With drum beats that rock the very ground you stand on and capture your attention once you’ve drifted far away, “Awakening the World”, sheds a flicker of light on a lost metal era.


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