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Straight from the Scottish heartland, duoAidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton are ARAB STRAP. Brutally honest vignettes of the other side of love, backed with sparse, yet enchanting melodies combine in what is often magnificently gut-wrenching stuff. We sat down for a conversation with the Strap's Aidan Moffat on everything from the perils of Amsterdam, the Glasgow scene, and the remarkable talents of Sugababes (honestly!). Much laughter was had by all...


'HALO IN MY BACKPACK' [CD]'as featured today in our TWANG! section


Ever fancied giving the Saviour some new duds? Transport your soul to JESUS DRESS UP now then! Lots of fancy costumes to ensure the Son of God is always looking his very most styliest... JESUS DRESS UP proves that it's not all doom and gloom, even if you are just hanging about all day.

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Four Warriors came from Gothenburg Sweden to free us from the capital enslavement of the twenty-one century mainstream consciousness. They bring us back to nature' s pure quintessence elements of Fire, Water, Soil and Heavy Metal, rising from the ashes of Highlander - a band which at one time also embraced Hammerfall members Joakim Cans, Stefan Elmgren and Patrik Rafling. The current force line-up consists of Daniel 'Ethereal Magnanimus' Heiman (vocals), Wojtek 'Transcendental Protagonist' Lisicki (guitars), Martin 'Cosmic Antagonist' Furangen (bass) and Christian 'Preternatural Transmogrifier' Nyqvist (drums), wearing so much chains, leather and Celtic war paint that the four of them could easily frighten a platoon of Klingon Warlocks. Their Metal can be described as harmonious, melodic and most of all powerful! It is highly produced material, without losing the elementary Metal basics. I believe that a lot of "new-wave" Heavy Metal bands have an overdone production resulting in a symphony orchestra sound, while Lost Horizon still has this "old time" elementary production I very much appreciate. The compositions have a lot of breaks and mood swings, when you listen to them quite a lot you will get addicted to this energy, so watch out driving a car and head banging at the same time. After the intro the first track "Heart of Storm" with a very catchy theme, you can sing along to and shout "Heu" when you figured out the weird breaks. The track "World Through my Fateless Eyes" is an absolute killer. The last track "The Kingdom of my Will" shows all the capabilities of the band, the singer shows everything he has got and it has a nice synthesizer tune and earth noise effects. I heard that this band is going to execute a lot of gigs in the near future, I'm sure as hell going to check this out. Also the cover painting of this album is very original, this gave me the inspiration writing the first lines of this review together with some Absolut.   (by Willem Valschmunter)
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