After one listen to Lost Horizon's "Awakening The World" you will be absolutely shocked to know that this is their debut release on Koch Records!  Simply amazing!  From start to finish, Lost Horizon plays with a passion and fury that seems like it's been crafted for decades.  That would make sense since the original formation of Highlander with Joakim Cans, Stefan Elmgren and Patrik Rafling is now what we have today known as Hammerfall.  Lost Horizon is comprised of Cosmic Antagonist aka Martin Furangen on bass, Transcendental Protagonist aka Wojtek Liscki on guitars, Preternatural Transmogrifier aka Christian Nyqvist on drums and Ethereal Mangnanimus aka Daniel Heiman on vocals.  It all starts with thunder and a loud heartbeat.  From there a scream ("The Quickening"), and you are off on a wild ride with "Heart Of The Storm". The chanting chorus and pulsating pace of "Heart Of Storm" are just the beginning my friends.  "Sworn In The Metal World" would even have King Diamond raise an eyebrow at some of the falsetto screams that are scattered about!  "The Song Of Air" is just a brief interlude for the listener to catch their breath before the onslaught continues with "World Through My Fateless Eyes".  A touch of keyboards adds a mystical twist to "Denial Of Fate" and "Welcome Back".  The album winds down with the 9 minute epic, "The Kingdom Of My Will".  "Awakening The World" comes to a triumphant close with the albums third instrumental interlude in the form of "The Redintegration".  Lost Horizon, armed with one of the best metal albums to come along since In Flames' "Clayman", is primed and ready to conquer the world and will surely awaken a serious following of metal fans!  The drums, the rock solid foundation on bass, the masterfully created guitar tones and solos as well as the over the top vocals make for one incredible musical experience!  For all the latest info on Lost Horizon, be sure to check out their official website at!  Go get "Awakening The World" when it hits store shelves on June 12, 2001!  Rating 5 of 5!!!

Lost Horizon - Awakening The World
1. The Quickening
2. Heart Of Storm
3. Sworn In The Metal Wind
4. The Song Of Air
5. World Through My Fateless Eyes
6. Perfect Warrior
7. Denial Of Fate
8. Welcome Back
9. The Kingdom Of My Will
10. The Redintegration

Review by
Anthony Pagano
In Depth E-Zine