Lost Horizon - up from the ashes of Highlander
Photo: Daniel Pedersen

Lost Horizon — Awakening The World, Koch Records
Once upon a time there was a band from Sweden called “Highlander.” It was half of Hammerfall and half the guys in this band…They parted ways, and the rest is history. Now Lost Horizon is up from the ashes with a brilliant debut that should get the acclaim their ex-mates did. They just need to lose the warrior costumes and odd stage monikers… Just go by their real names and play some metal! “Heart Of Storm” is top-notch power metal with soaring, melodic vocals provided by new singer, Daniel Heiman. The disc doesn’t let up a bit with other shredders like “ Sworn In The Metal Wind” and “Denial Of Fate” doing the trick. Lead guitarist Wojtek Liscki is a hell of a player, and the speed of bassist Martin Furangen and drummer Christian Nyqvist is mesmerizing. Just a few tweaks and a little image adjustment, and this will be a force to be reckoned with. Maybe someday the rest of the world will catch up with the quality in Sweden.
(Jeff Dennis)