Spring Summer 2001 Issue Page 5
Lost Horizon

Awakening The World

Koch/Music For Nations

It is great to see these hard to find imports are flooding the shores of America. Here is a band that I was bowled over by looking at it. I just didn't know what to expect? With the bands name and the paint etc… I was thinking black metal for sure. "The Quickening" was sorta confirming that, then "Heart Of Storm" kicks in the metal. I think the heart are black but then

this is awesome execution. The vocals are next to godliness. Think early Yngwie meeting Helloween, ManOwar, Sinner and just cool thrash of the ages. Roll it all together with the awesome play. Definitely a classical trained band for sure. "Sworn In The Metal Wind" begins with very Eric Adams like screams and then it thrashes. God! Every track stays extremely up tempo. This song has some great catchy vocal lines. Remember the way Exodus used to riff? Just think it going even more prog power metal. The keys do also ad some cool mood. I find it funny that I've heard plenty of power metal over the years and prog and I still find much of this blood pumping and new. More bowing may occur on "The World Through My Fateless Eyes". The majestic accompaniments do add a great amount to this onslaught. This vocalist has tons of range. You Queensryche lovers of yesterday might wanna hear this. The power is also a hoot. Great production and just an all out great effort. This band will keep the metal faith alive. More awesome keyboard and guitar interplay comes slamming on "Denial Of Fate". Sweet vocal melodies will be heard in this thrash attack. "Welcome Back" fools us all. 'm thinking ballad all the way. Then the thrash finally bursts and jumps on the horse. A very infectious chorus will also be found here. The record comes closer to an end with a more epic track that clocks in over 9 minutes. Another track the is very hooky metal with the ear of true traditional metal. If you piece my words together and like the styles of music mentioned? Don't hesitate on this new gem. www.oncelosthorizon.com www.music-for-nations.co.uk