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Lost Horizon - Awakening The World
Looking for all the world like 21st Century comic book heroes (with suitably ridiculous names to match), I was expecting Lost Horizon to be some cheesy, Manowar types all bravado and no substance so it came as quite a pleasant surprise when their brand of sophisticated, Rhapsodyesque power metal turned out to be the best example of the genre to emerge so far this year. You know the drill, galloping riffs, animated rhythms, plenty of background orchestration and soaring vocals well, all of those are present in abundance for sure, but rarely are they wrapped around such a striking set of songs. Vocally too, usually the weakest link in most similar bands, Lost Horizon seem to have unearthed quite a talent. Nowhere near as OTT as Rhapsody, tracks like ?Heart Of Storm? and the brooding ?Perfect Warrior? are definitely the equal, if not better, than most of the European power metal set at present. A very pleasant surprise indeed ! (D.Cockett)