LOST HORIZON   Getting A Word In Edgewise!   2001/05/29
By Mark Gromen

In nearly twenty years of covering bands, I can’t remember a debut with more extensive liner notes than Lost Horizon’s Awakening The World. Dedicating no less than five pages of the smallest readable font, the personal thanks in the CD booklet read like mini-autobiographies, thanking everyone dead or alive connected to the four individual members. Martin Furangen, aka Cosmic Antagonist, honors diverse musical influences, including Bach, Alphaville, Kraftwerk and Slayer, as well as countless movie directors and famed ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau! He and his cohorts also make appeals on behalf of animals, nature and the universe. Nothing is left to chance.

“Since much of the musical material had been with us for many years. It was a relief to finally release it. The same thing with our lives. We put all that needed to be said. Anybody throughout our lives that meant something to us, or affected us, in a good or bad way, we wanted to put that stuff in there. Now it’s in the archive and released, so we can have a fresh start for the second album.” Dues paid, one assumes the next version wouldn’t have as extensive a listing. While the bassist agrees, he does so hesitantly. “I wouldn’t think it would be that big next time, because we’ve cleared off most of it, but I don’t know. We’ll probably have a bigger (overall) booklet next time. There are a lot of pictures of the members. There was a similar thought to expose our thoughts, with those personal texts.”

Some, particularly Lost Horizon’s detractors, are surprised to learn of Furangen’s and Wojtek Lisicki’s (guitar, aka Transcendental Protagonist) involvement with blackened death metallers Luciferion. In fact, Lisicki not only wrote the dark lord’s music, but fronted the band! Asked about the musical incompatibility of the two outfits, the bassist said, “Yeah, I suppose they are. Wojtek is the musical creative mind behind both. That was something he really wanted to do, to develop himself. One thing we have in common, in Lost Horizon, is that deep in our heart, this is the music we’ve always wanted to play.”

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