LOST HORIZON "Awakening The World" (Music For Nations/Audioglobe)

Be joyful with me, oh you true metaller, for this debut album of the Swedish Lost Horizon! Already the cover excessively flashy (and for this reason very beautiful!), show us the metal gods' come in true metal world. In fact these four horsemen propose us an epic-power-metal where will find speed rhthmyc guitars by Lisicki, a precise and sweeping bass played by Furangen, an excellent drumming by Nyqvist and an incredible sung by Daniel Heiman. All this is for the most noble metal where-except some keyboards-we don't find all the trend elements like classical music, orchestrations and neoclassical keyboards those have made this kind of music so loved-hated. The band, where at the early days there was Joacim Cans of Hammerfall, was officially born in 1998 with the monicker Highlander. After two years, with the new singer Daniel Heiman, they turn their name in Lost Horizon.
Now I tell you something about CD. After a short intro called "The Quickening", band gives us the very beautiful "Heart Of Storm" supported by a great epic riff, by some terribly warrior chorus and by a hammering drumming. I'd to say something about the singer: Heiman has an aggressive and melodic voice, very different from other power singers who follow Michael Kiske's model. Then we have "Sworn In The Metal Wind" where we are impressed by the first incredible strophes of the song; good also "Perfect Warrior", the most relaxed song of the disc, introduced by a very epic chorus and by an Heiman's scream as a true condottiere. Band play speed with "Denial Of Fate", while "Welcome Back", with the soft beginning which precedes by a flow of pure metal, is a true anthem to sing at the concerts. The nineth and the last true song (the tenth is an outro) has an evocative atmosphere with epic riff. Nothing of trascenedental (What???!!! - L.H.), but a good debut album for people who love this kind of music; for me Lost Horizon are my new idols!

Response: 7 (Luca Galvagni)