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Lost Horizon
Awakening the World
2000 Independant Sickness

Modern power metal is a unique metal genre. It has an incredible spectrum of talent ranging from some of the greatest metal bands we will ever hear, but also renders some of the saddest, gayest, most redundant buttfucker bands that poison its image by doing nothing but walk an all too beaten path. Incredibly enough most of them are extremely talented musicians that should be doing something other than copy Helloween to a fucking t. Helloween was an incredible band, but I lust after girls that were born after their best albums came out, and some of them are even old enough to be stuffing their bras. If Helloween and Iron Maiden spawned so many incredible bands you'd think they would at least be doing something to reflect a progression since their heyday. Which brings me to Lost Horizon, finally. Its hard not to fall for Lost Horizon instantly with incredible production, sing along choruses, catchy riffs, and hooks that will make your ea! rs bleed. The thing I instantly noticed about Lost Horizon is that they were just born to play metal, and they are so comfortable about the style that they have invented. Their confidence comes through impeccably, there are some of the catchiest choruses ever on this disc, its addictive as hell. You'd think this was the bands 10th or eleventh album its done with the authority of a veteran metal band such as Gamma Ray or Blind Guardian or Rhapsody, and the way Helloween did way back when.

Its hard to dissect Lost Horizon because it all fits together so well, you can tell that each member is good at knowing exactly how to work with one another, and I imagine these guys practice every other day. Their singer has a unique style, some of his singing is sort of a semi-guttural raspy yell like scream to some earth rumbling high pitched belts of justice and glory. Hes a real performer and he does a lot more than just sing, hes got a tendency to have a spoken part now & then. One thing that I really appreciate is t hat his voice isn't overproduced and there aren't two huundred tracks of his voice going at all times. Whoever produced this is definitely at least 200 times smarter than stupid sperm ninja Peter Tagtgren. I always appreciate when a producer allows a bands talent to stand for itself, and having a billion studio tricks and 300 tracks of gay additives just water down a lot of stuff, besides, leave that crap for shitty ra! ppers and their moronic turd tantrums. His lyrics are a tad cheesy, but if you minded you probably would even be reading this far into the review. By contrast you might remember that Helloween once had a song about a mad scientist that grew funny creatures in his labratory and they somehow turned into rock musicians. You might even remember them having an album called "Pink Bubbles Go Ape." Lyric-wise I think the cheesiest thing you'll find on here is "I'll kick your ass," although the liner notes are sorta funny.

The singer also plays synth on the whole album, aside from three boring all synth tracks, he does a good job at it, i'm not a big fan of synth in metal, but I can easily recognize its value in this kind of band. He uses it mostly on its "piano" setting, I guess.
The guitar work on here is that of complete mastery. He shreds, I mean duh, hes in a power metal band. He is a little more laid back than the guitarists of lets say Blind Guardian or Rhapsody. But there are some parts where he really picks up the pace and he'll go fucking nuts speed picking along to some furious double bass. I know its a token trick but it always seems to work on me. If you can listen to the second riff on Death's "Human" album without headbanging then you seriously need your ears checked. One thing that I think tales this guitarist beyond your run of the mill power metal guitarist is that he has an incredible sense of melody, and blends it well with scrapes, solos, thrashy parts, leads and chuggy parts that could otherwise get very old.

This bass player kicks some serious ass! He should win an award for his bass tone alone. You can tell that he could wouldn't have any trouble playing a fretless. This guy is miles above most other classical metal bass players because he doesn't hide behind the guitarist by playing the same notes as the guitarist. Of course he does it at times, to nicely accentuate the heavier parts. He also doesn't seem like hes trying to overshadow anything by wanking all over the place, but the guy is all over the fretboard.

Another inevitable statement that isn't going to surprise you is that this drummer is fast and tight. I'll give him a nod or two for coming up with some interesting cymbal patterns and for throwing some nice fills in where its not necessary, but not a problem either. His style is a pretty typical Slayer-esque ride killing one. One thing you won't hear out of him at all is a blast beat. I really respect him for not falling back on that.

Theres just no accounting for a whole lot of originality here i'm sorry to say. All Lost Horizon brings to the table is that they do whats been done before, much better than tons of other bands have done before. If you miss Helloween at all, check out Lost Horizon, if you think modern power metal is a redundant genre that you wish would cave in on itself, you should still check out Lost Horizon and keep your gay ass opinions to yourself, faggot.

Standout Tracks: World in My Fateless Eyes, Denial of Fate
Rating: 8.5/10