All songs, arrangements and lyrics are procreated and revealed to this world by Wojtek Lisicki, except "Welcome Back" – music: Baskim Zuta/Wojtek Lisicki, lyrics: Wojtek Lisicki/Baskim Zuta and "The Kingdom Of My Will" music: Wojtek Lisicki/Baskim Zuta, lyrics: Wojtek Lisicki

Produced by Wojtek Lisicki and Lost Horizon

Artwork- and layout ideas by Lost Horizon

Lost Horizon logo by Martin Furängen

Artwork and computer graphics realisation by Niklas Sundin

Photos by Daniel Pedersen

Ritual warrior paintings by Gunnar Lundgren

Typesetting by David Kremer

Executive production by Martin Furängen and Baskim Zuta

All the above took place during the aeon of torture, from March through August 2000, which means in the very beginning of the Millennium of Armageddon, in the epicentre of misery, melancholy and trivial emptiness - Gothenburg, Sweden

The once lost horizon is found, but the misery is still burning the souls...