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A: What is most important for Lost Horizon: the perfect album or the perfect concert?

C: "The perfect concert of course! All kinds of music should be experienced live. To record the music has totally different purposes such as documentation for the artists and give the audience a sample of what to expect from the live performances, where the real magic is revived!"

A: I have noticed that some songs are from your previous band, Highlander. Also a lot of musicians were members of Highlander, even some guys from Hammerfall. Could you briefly go over the history behind Lost Horizon?

C: "BORING! To make it brief: Lost Horizon IS Highlander and yes, there was some Hammerfall members in Highlander in different eras. Highlander was active during '91-'94 off and on and then put on ice until '98 when the current lineup got together."

A: What about the story of Luciferion and Wojtek? What are the releases of Luciferion?

»Wojtek's words«:

W: "The band was created in summer 1993 by Michael Nicklasson, Peter Weiner and Wojtek Lisicki. During the cold Nordic winter of '93, the five songs has been recorded. Three of them was put on a tape called "Demon 94", which was sent to Listenable Records in France. It was the only demo-ex that has ever been sent to a record company. It ended in a immediate record deal with Listenable Records in '94. This is what followed:

I.     One full length album titled "Demonication (The Manifest)" on Listenable Records / France

And the following compilations:

II."Tribute To Metallica"; the song "Fight Fire With Fire" on Black Sun Records / Sweden

III."World Domination"; the song "Blasphemer"
Osmose Productions / France

IV."Tribute To Slayer"; the song "Chemical Warfare" on Black Sun Records / Sweden

V."Tribute To KAT"; the song "Czarne Zastepy"; (KAT is the Polish ultimate cult-band) on Pagan Records / Poland

VI."Tribute To Mercyful Fate"; the song "Black Funeral" on Listenable Records / France

VII."Tribute To Sodom" ; the song "Blasphemer" on Drakkar Records / Germany

VIII."Tribute To Celtic Frost"; the song "Circle Of The Tyrants" Listenable Records / France (that tribute never became a reality and the song was never released. It will be included on the next full-length album)"

"Luciferion was put on ice in the end of '96. Now, after five years, the new magical release is on it's way (!), although with Luciferion not being an active band. This one also for Listenable Records. The album is going to include seven new compositions: an intro, four new full-length songs and two preludes. The material has been created partially in 1996 and partially in 2000/2001. The old-school LUCIFERION and the new developed thought meet each other in a perfect combination. Moreover, those five old demo-songs from "Demon 94" (re-mastered) shall constitute the second part of this release. We've decided to have it this way, as this is the only reasonable way to document the songs which would not fit together with the material meant for the forthcoming full length album that will follow afterwards and for which songs are already finished and waiting to be recorded. So, we see it as a perfect bridge between the old time and the new mature thought. This album will also include that unreleased cover of Celtic Frost "Circle Of The Tyrants" in a totally dooms-day version. Prepare!

»End of Wojtek's words«.

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