In the last decade, an infectious wave of mediocrity has been infecting with a monotonous musical virus on the planet. That blindness has taken control of those who cannot see with their own mind. But under a prodigious influence of the same, shared flame, baptized in Metal and restored will, four warriors interlace their faiths and conclude their mission: rise again the magnificence of honor and bring back the primal Eon of Metal: the Vindication of Will.
Perpetual Warriors, it's time to revive the old strength. The new dawn is born and is here to stay. Once lost. Now brought back.


A: Hi, Christian. First of all, congratulations for your debut album! It is superb.

C: "Thank you Valgorth! It's good to get confirmed once again that our astronomically hard work hasn't been in vain!"

A: How do you feel about your last show in the Wacken Open Air Festival? Also there were 2 new members of Lost Horizon on the stage, are they permanent members now?

C: "The show was great!! Between us and the audience, that is! The stage really sucked and so did the sound but these earthly limitations are easy to look past when the air is filled with true Metal Spirit! The new members are Attila Publik (keyboards) and Fredrik Olsson (guitar). They're not permanent members in terms of having signed any contact yet but will probably become so before our second album is recorded."

A: After the release of the album, you have been playing in some great shows in Europe. You got a very cool web site,merchandise material and alot of good and bad comments from the people; is it the reaction you were looking for when you were recording "Awakening The World" or you didn't expect this big response from the audience?

C: "Actually this was exactly what we expected but didn't know if the world was ready to receive us due to the regression of Metal that has been infecting the world during the last decade."

A: For those who are unfamiliar with your debut album, could you tell them the principal concepts of this release and what it is all about?

C: "To revive the Metal Spirit of the world and the people. To evolve Metal as an Art and make it as respectable and honourable as it once was years ago! To give the Pure Ones a true Metal- experience, not only for the ears but also for their mind and spirit!"

A: I am curious about the excellent design of the album as the booklet and the music are a splendid work. You did the production by yourselves?! So, can you go over the creation and recording of "Awakening The World"?

C: "He, he! This question has come up a couple of times. It seems that people think that this was just a lucky shot for us but they don't know the potential of Wojtek as a song writer or the whole band as musicians, philosophers, ideologists. Bare in mind that the embryos of the songs on A.T.W were written by Wojtek almost ten years ago and a lot of water has been running under the bridges since then. You'll just have to wait and see what the Lost Horizon will bring you the next time. I already know that a lot of people will become very quiet when that time comes! Trust Me!!!".

A: How did you arrive in Music For Nations? Why not a Nuclear Blast or a Century Media record label?

C: "Music For Nations is a relatively small label that goes after quality, not quantity. Why would we be stupid and sign for a label that already has 100 bands in the same genre!? Nuclear Blast didn't even get a demo! Century Media showed interest but not sincerely enough so the choice was obvious. Music For Nations is a respected label with a few bands with different musical approaches; no internal competition. From the very beginning they've had a very sincere belief in us and, unlike others, understood our sincerity and potential".

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