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Monday, July 02, 2001

Christian "Preternatural Transmogrifyer" Nyquist of Lost Horizon talks about "Awakening The Word"...
— by Wes Royer, the Editor

When you are getting ready to talk to a guy who calls himself Preternatural Transmogrifyer on stage, and who's album is so over–the–top musically and spiritually, you would expect the interview to turn into a role–playing game about metal music verses the world. Well, I was wrong. Christian Nyquist, drummer for the incredible new band Lost Horizon, is more down to earth than casual fans of the band might expect. And his heart must be sculpted from the strongest metal ore because his passion, and the band's, for reviving true metal music is unbreakable. Here is a quick e–mail interview with a man and his band that want to remind the world that there is more to hard music than just the music or the business...

Christian 'Preternatural Transmogrifyer' Nyquist

Wes:  How was your debut concert at the "NTS Festival"? Did you walk away knowing that you had made a solid impression on the audience?

Christian:  The concert was a blast! Musically, it wasn't perfect but the audience went berserk after the first note. I have never seen such enthusiasm in an audience before.

Wes:  I read that Lost Horizon formed out of an older band called Highlander and some of Lost Horizon have connections with members of HammerFall. How do you see yourselves different from those two bands?

Christian:  Between Lost Horizon and Highlander, there is no difference at all. It is the same band with the same material and members. We actually had to changed our name to Lost Horizon when the recording of the album was over. The reason being another German band called Highlander who already released several albums. The difference between Hammerfall and Lost Horizon is so obvious, I won't even comment on it. Musically, the only thing we have in common is that we used to play together in Highlander (early Lost Horizon), years ago.

Wes:  Where is everybody in the band from? Everybody from Sweden?

Christian:  We all grew up in Sweden, but Wojtek is from Poland, originally. And Attila Publik, the new keyboard player, has his roots in Hungary. The rest of us are from Sweden.

Daniel 'Ethereal Magnanimus' Heiman
Wojtek 'Transcendental Protagonist' Lisicki
Martin 'Cosmic Antagonist' Furängen

Wes:  How did vocalist Daniel "Ethereal Magnanimus" Heiman meet up with the rest of the band? And was he in any previous recording acts?

Christian:  Our paths have crossed several times during history. Me and Daniel went to the same gymnasium without knowing each other. And I remember watching him and Fredrik Olsson, the new guitarist, performing live almost ten years ago and I remember thinking they were the best musicians I have seen in the Gothenburg area. During the 1990s, Martin and Wojtek has been talking about a singer they heard at a party. When the time came to record a demo we contacted him, Daniel, and he agreed to perform on this production, although he was a member of a Swedish band called Conviction. Finally, he signed the contract and the rest is yet to be beheld. Daniel never participated on any recording acts with Conviction.

Wes:  I saw the announcement on the band's website that you have brought on two new members: Attila Publik on keyboards and guitarist Fredrik Olsson guitars. Are these strictly touring members, or are they in it for the long haul?

Christian:  As for now, they haven't signed anything. But the thought is that they are going to become permanent members before we start recording the next album.

Wes:  The stage names, the story, the message, the album's art work, and of course the music; all of it is far beyond what most metal bands do with an album, especially a debut release. What was the overall goal of this album, or the personal goals of each "warrior"?

Christian:  Somewhere down the line, the total metal experience was lost, like so many other true things in our world. We want to bring back that metal spirit that includes so much more than just the music. It is a way of life!

Wes:  Can you explain to our readers (and hopefully, your new fans) what the story and/or message of your album is?

Christian:  To reach within yourself and find your true powers and learn how to use them. To show people that the frustration and negative experiences they have is shared by many, many others and how you can turn them into your advantage by breaking out of the spiritual prison created by the misery that surrounds us.

Wes:  What were your inspirations, whether musical or not, for the theatrical approach to "Awakening The Word"?

Christian:  It is just a way for us to express ourselves on different levels, to incorporate our personalities in the artistic concept of Lost Horizon. Lost Horizon is not just a band; it is an enterprise of art on multiple levels, beyond the music.

Wes:  Besides Music For Nations (and Koch Records), what other labels showed interest in signing Lost Horizon? Are you surprised that your debut album will be seeing such great distribution by a big name like Koch Entertainment?

Christian:  We got some responses from different labels, but none of them showed themselves worthy enough to become part of the "Metal Salvation." No names mentioned! The surprise about Koch's distribution is that we didn't see any future in the American metal scene. We were told that metal, except for semi–metal hybrids like Limp Bizkit and Slip Knot and such, was a pretty much a closed chapter for you guys over there. We are very pleased that we were wrong. Once again, it is proved that you shouldn't believe everything you hear.

Wes:  What was it about Music For Nations that made Lost Horizon sign with them?

Christian:  They immediately recognized our potential and saw that we were something quite different from the ordinary European power–metal cliché, mainstream crap. Besides this, they didn't have any other bands with a sound similar to ours, which insured us that we would get the attention and support we needed to conquer the world.

Wes:  What was it about Lost Horizon that you think interested Music For Nations?

Christian:  Our confidence, musically and intellectually. The force and power in our music.

Wes:  What type of music or what bands do you all currently listen to, as music fans?

Christian:  I cannot specify any particular bands our music styles since we all listen to any form of music we find magical. If you want specifics, you can always read our thanks lists in the CD–booklet or on our website. Unfortunately, I personally haven't had that much time to explore new bands and music styles in the last couple years, but lately it is been a lot of progressive music of different kinds.

Wes:  One of the "threats" of this new millennium is that MP3s and digital music swapping will hurt the music industry and ultimately leave musicians with little incentive to continue producing new music. What is Lost Horizon's opinion on MP3s: good publicity for a new band or new album, or a true threat to your careers?

Christian:  This kind of speculations are ridiculous when it comes to metal. The MP3 publicity is only positive. True metal fans knows that there is more to it than the music itself. Once you hear a great song, or a full album for that matter, in MP3 format, you go directly to the store to get the whole package with lyrics, pictures, the message, thanks lists, recording process, and so on. If not, you are not a true metal fan anyway, so the career isn't effected anyhow.

Wes:  Is there anything else you would like to add about the band, the album, the metal scene, the EU, etc.?

Christian:  Don't even get me started on the state of the metal scene today compared to the golden years during the 1980s. Luckily, the once lost horizon is found and we are the ones bringing it back together with the few true metal bands that are left. The time is now! Be sure to check out our website,, to follow the path of the "Metal Salvation!"

Wes:  Incredible album. Thanks for the interview.

Christian:  Thanks Wes. I hope to see you when we come over there to unleash our powers!

— Thank you to Chipster PR for arranging this interview.


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