Hey duder, thanks for helping me give Lost Horizon some exposure on the North American side of the world!

Letís start with the cheesy and repetitive question of describe in your words the music of LH for those who yet havenít heard it?

Ok, I would call it classic eighties true metal with a modern approach. Soundwise, inspiration has come from the entire metal era back in the eighties, like Maiden, Judas, Manowar, Dio, Riot etc. An important note is that late nineties German power metal is no influence at all!

The cd is out finally, and so are you surprised with the strong responses you are receiving so far, particularly on the aspect on giving Sweden more recognition for itís metal bands coming out in the last couple of years?

I have to say we are quite surprised with the extremely positive feedback we have received from the U.S., as we thought this kind of music was totally out over there. Apparently we were wrong! Otherwise I have to admit, with no false modesty J, that we were not that surprised with the positive response from Europe and Japan. But that doesn't mean we're not happy about it though! Regarding the aspect of many metal bands coming from Sweden lately, it is actually something we don't really think about.

Is there a number more or less of how many copies have been put out for distribution?

Don't know! The only figure I have heard is that in the first month the album sold 20.000 copies in Japan and Europe. After that I haven't received any updates. When we do however, I would think we'll post it on our website.

Is there a first single or video coming out for the debut?

Single - don't think so. Video - yes probably, but it's not decided yet which song, and there is no set date for recording or release.

You have taken the liberty of producing and mixing the album yourselves. I presume you had enough previous experience to feel confident and do it yourselves or was it simply an economical savings intent?

As you put it - liberty! The main reason was for getting the freedom of doing things at our own pace, where we wanted and when we wanted. In the end it is also moneysaving of course. And we did feel we had enough experience to do it ourselves, but for all the important technical aspects (rigging, setup's, mixing and mastering) we hired really skilled technicians by the hour.

Now I really need to ask you this cause Iím sure itís gonna be asked from many, but some people think your look and cd cover is good funny while others think itís just plain old cheesy. Did you implement this in order to get noticed and all? What are your thoughts on this?

People that don't understand the cover right away, and don't take the time to look at it and figure it out, 'cause it's quite speaking for itself, may well think it is cheesy. Very understandable. But it has a deeper meaning; it is very symbolic and closely connected to the lyrics and to the general message of Lost Horizon. So it is not for the sake of getting noticed, as is nothing that we do. There is a thought behind everything!

And the names you have chosen, that also has gotten mixed opinions from people around. Do you feel most understand the intent of such an idea?

This obviously connects to the previous answer. Firstly, it is not names; it is titles that describe our personalities in a more spiritual way. Our concept is a lot about personality and individuality, so this is just a natural enhancement to the way we present ourselves. Also, being common is something we avoid. My experience so far is that all people really into metal (meaning record buyers) gets this right away. The only ones that doesn't get it (or doesn't want to get itÖ) is a few reviewers and interviewers (not many though), but then again, some of these are maybe not mainly into metal, which explains it (now don't take this personal Monster 'cause I know you are into it! J).

How do you feel about people already comparing you to bands like Hammerfall and Manowar? Do you think that is a plus or will they be views that will have a negative affect on LH?

I have mixed feelings about this. It is of course unavoidable to get compared to other bands when you present yourself for the world. Personally, I do not think we have anything in common, in any way, with Hammerfall. We play a totally different kind of metal. But I understand that some might compare us to Manowar because of our looks and our confident way of coming on, but the music we play is quite different from theirs as well. The risk with comparisons like these is if people think we sound like, for instance, Hammerfall, and disregards us because of this. However I think this risk is very small. But in the long run I don't think it will affect us at all, it is only now in the beginning it will be an issue anyway.

I visited the site recently and noticed something in your LINKS section that made me laugh. You have listed NASA as one of your links?

That's correct! The interest in science, and particularly regarding space, is very high in the band. Since NASA is one space agency that has achieved a number of interesting results in their research, it seemed natural to put up a link to them. There will be more such links in the future; it's just that right now surfing for appropriate scientific links is of minor priority (and we decided to only have Lost Horizon related links and scientific links on our site).

Why was your Wacken Open Air gig canceled? What other dates you have in the works. I just found out you will be on the Iced Earth slot in Europe?

The Wacken gig is NOT cancelled! It was the Dynamo Open Air (the entire festival) that got cancelled, due to foot & mouth disease. Right now we're booked for Wacken Open Air (Germany) on August 4:th and EuroRock (Belgium) on August 5:th. We will not be on the Iced Earth slot, there were talks about it but it didn't happen. However, we are collaborating with a booking agency so hopefully they'll come up with something for this fall.

I would like to ask a few questions in regards to the thank you list. Would that be ok?

Sure it's ok.

This is a pretty big thanks list for Lost Horizon. You thank anything and anyone, from musicians to movie actors etc. Did you thank Kleenex tissues as well? HAHAH

Yes, it is an extensive list. But it is more than just a thanks list; it is a way for us to, just as with the music, put things behind us, like filing them in an archive. Like when you have worked really hard with a song, and then when it is finally recorded you put it behind you and move on. It's the same thing with these lists, it's like we put all things that have happened behind us once and for all and then start again fresh, with no "luggage". Everything and everyone that has meant something to us at a point in life, or certain events of importance, are being mentioned. Hopefully we haven't forgotten anything (or anyone), but if so they'll be on the next albums' listÖ

Ha ha, ok, why would Wojtek thank himself in the thank you list? Tell me this is just a joke?

It is not a joke. These are my words of course, but I think one reason why he thanks himself is because of the fact that throughout his life he has put up with all the "wise words" from parents and teachers telling him he needs "to do something real", and not falling for this pressure but doing his thing anyway. Maybe some people think doing this is no big deal, but all those who have done the same will understand. Some people are just more modest in the way they come across, so maybe they wouldn't point it out as clearly.

Something else caught my mind in the thanks. You also appreciate Stryperís melodies yet knock them for their preaching, ideological content and form. Are LH not so religious or is it because they shoved it down peoples throats with the bible throwing during their live sets. Because correct me if I'm wrong here dude, but isnít Lost Horizon preaching here as well, preaching self-worth & a strong belief in one's self?

Well, you're still in Wojtek's list so really he's the one who should be answering this question, but he's out of the country right now so I'll give it a few words. I know he likes some of Stryper's music (as do I), but we are not knocking them for their preaching, ideological content and form, Wojtek is just stating he disagrees. Lost Horizon are not in any way religious, so we do not share their ideology, but standing up for what you believe in is something we do support by all means. Personally I would think that bible throwing during live sets (if this is true) might be a little over the top. I wouldn't call what we do preaching, but we do want to let our view of the world be seen by those who listen to our music, 'cause I actually think that many metal heads share our thoughts to some extent. Don't you Monster?

OK, that is all for now man, I'm sure you have more work to do, maybe we can continue with another one sometime in the future. Thanks again man, I appreciate your time.

It's been a pleasure - good questions! See you when we go on tour!

Take care!




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