After the blasting debut album the four warriors from Lost Horizon delivered this year (quoted 97 / 100), we had to interview them. We didn't had much time put out new interviews on the site lately, we're sure you've noticed. So this interview has a few month now. We're working on redesigning the interview engine to be dynamic like the reviews and news are (so you will be able to participate putting your comments and all), so we don't have much time to actually post new ones with all the reviews and all, we hope you can understand. Thank you for your comprehension and neverending support. So here it is, a new interview, so we let you enjoy it :

MR : First of all congratulations for this fantastic Heavy-Metal album, it's been a long time since we've heard such a bombastic record.

Well, thank you.

MR : If I tell you that your music is a mixture of Running Wild and Pretty Maids, what would you say ?

We've heard Pretty Maids and Running Wild before as suggestions of bands we sound like, but I have to admit that I haven't been listening too much to Pretty Maids but I suppose there must be some resemblance / feeling into our music that remind these bands. But again I think that a lot of things made in the 80's, when the big metal era was, the feel and the sound of that period, and you can find a lot of that in our music. All inspiration we've had was derided from the 80's.

MR : But the guitar riffs really sound like Running Wild, so is it a direct inspiration ?

Not direct, as we don't try to copy any existing band. Running Wild is really a German Heavy Metal band and maybe in Heart Of Storm you can feel such feeling in the music

MR : Yes, exactly.

But there's also Iron Maiden that inspired us, you can probably feel it in Welcome Back, and I was really inspired by Steve Harris when I started to play Bass guitar.

MR : Who write the songs in Lost Horizon ?

All the music and lyrics are written by our guitar player : Wojtek Lisicki. Except Welcome Back was actually written by an old member, that used to be in our old band Highlander.

MR : Let's talk about the booklet. It's a fantastic CD and it's a fantastic booklet. Your label really invests in you.

Yes, but we have done all artwork, layout and everything by ourselves.

MR : How many records have you signed with Music For Nation ?

We've signed 5 records.

MR : Wow, big deal then ?

Yes it's quite a big deal. We were pleased with the contracts so... we're quite happy about it.

MR : Are you happy with them, the promotion of the record so far ?

Yeah ! I think it's really noticeable that their pushing it.

MR : If I tell you your look remind me Manowar, any comments ?

Well I suppose it's quite obvious comment to make, we're into the same general kind of music and they're into leather and bare chests. So I don't mind the comparison, but they don't have any painting though. I believe that metal should be played in a way that you express energy as much as possible, and it's easier to express it if you're bare chest and even have some warrior paintings on you.

MR : It must be impressive on stage (and we saw it was in Wacken !!!).

We're very happy because on our first live shows so far we've had a very good connection with the public, that's fantastic.

MR : I have a single complain about the record, it's too short (laughs), there's only 7 songs, why ?

You've probably noticed that the songs are in a specific order, there's no coincidence, we've thought about the way we'll place them, because we have a defined pattern in our minds, so that people listen to our album from the beginning to the end as opposite of some records when people play the tracks randomly. We really wanted to be more like an experience, like a theater experience, you sit down on a comfortable chair and get great impulses from the record. Preferably with the booklet in your hands so you get the best out of it, that's how we feel about how we play it, we want to transmit to the listener. And we think that if the record is too long, then it's not good, instead if it's finished and you feel like you want to hear more it leaves the listeners with more positive energy rather of being happy it's finished because it dragged for too long.

MR : Shortly after the review, Wojtek Lisicki send us a mail, and in the mail he said he didn't want to be associated with Hammerfall. What really happened between Lost Horizon and Hammerfall ?

well... (hesitating)

M.R. : we had the feelings that maybe you guys where maybe enemies ?

We're not enemies at all, we had that band Highlander with Joacim Cans and we went on and off, we played for a couple of years but left around 1995. I went on tour with Wojtek in his death metal band ... actually at that time I don't think Hammerfall actually existed. So Joacim left up and ended up in Hammerfall eventually, and we know each other and have been playing together but that's all the connections there are.

M.R. : So Joacim left Highlander ?

No, actually the band dissolved.

M.R. : But you never played with Oscar Dronjak ?


M.R. : So whose members of Hammerfall where in Highlander at the time ?

Joacim, Stefan Elmgren and Patrick their old drummer (MR : both guest musician on Glory To The Brave, then Stefan became the lead guitar player of the band and still is. As for Patrick he also was the drummer in Legacy Of Kings). But it's not like we separated in a big fight or anything.

M.R. : So you're still friends ?

Absolutely. We don't really spend time together but we're not enemies anyway.

M.R. : Because of your mail we weren't sure if there was some tension between you.

Not at all. And our label actually like the fact that there is that connection between us and Hammerfall. So since Hammerfall are big, then the fans will think "well, another band in that fashion". But we think we think that we are good enough to make it without being associated to another band. Also we don't think we have the same style at all actually. We both playing metal, but they do their thing and we do our thing.

M.R. : Okay, don't you think that there are too many metal bands these days ?

Actually yes, I think that the market has been somewhat over fed with not such great metal bands, I think there are too many too similar bands. They look the same and they play the same, you know.

M.R. : It must be quite hard to be recognized then ?

Ah. All throughout the years when we were playing we were doing our thing. We have not been listening so much to other metal bands to gain inspiration in that way. We get inspiration from the spirit we feel when we listen to really great heavy metal music. A lot of it comes obviously back in the 80's... Judas Priest, Dio, Riot. Riot is really a under rated band

M.R. : Oooooh yes !

And bands like that. We are not so much into listening others and then make the same music.

M.R. : Okay, I think I've put out my question with the wrong words. What I meant is it is difficult to get out of the underground. Take Nocturnal Rites for example, a fantastic band that fought very hard to get known and still they're far from Hammerfall which are known almost everywhere after only 3 albums. Like you said, in the 80's you were going into the shop and you had very few bands to choose from, like Priests, Dio, Maiden, Accept ... but now there's like 600 bands to choose from.

I think that one reason is, that there is, well I hate to use this word but there is somewhat of a little bit of "trend" in metal. There has been like a new ignition to it, so it's come back, which is great of course. So a new generation of metal audience is here and that's great but I think that some labels have noticed that in advance and have tried to found as many bands as possible to sell and have the model label. So there maybe finding 10 similar bands hoping that hopefully 2 or 3 becomes fairly big. But maybe none of them will make it really big. I know that's one thing Music For Nation told us in the beginning, that they are not interested in finding more than one band in each category. They have been looking for good metal bands. A bit away from the rest of the pack so to speak and they felt that they found what they were looking for when they got our demo. And that was really appealing to us because we knew about the situation of the fact that today there's a lot of bands. Not many bands got a lot of push from the labels, they don't necessary have the budget an machinery behind them since they are so many bands.

M.R. : I believe that you've taken the best from Pretty Maids, the best from Maiden, the best from Running Wild and came with a sound of your own. And even if I Sometimes hate to use the words True Metal, I believe that this category belongs to you, do you agree to that ?

Absolutely. We are playing True Metal, we're not playing Power Metal though ! I'm glad you feel that way, because for me Power Metal is the typical kind of late 90's Germanish metal, that's fine, but I don't think that it is True Metal to me.

M.R. : In the middle of the booklet I can read : No Fate, Only The Power Of Will ! Do you think the power of will is enough these days to succeed in life ?

Yeah, I think that obviously there's always some luck before, but if you want something bad enough you can get it, it doesn't matter of what you're willing to sacrifice.

M.R. : Do you think you were lucky ?

I don't know, we have work so hard for so many years, that's the way we are, I would say it's nothing but will, but of course we've been have good timing with getting the deal with MFN and maybe that's a bit of luck.

M.R. : But that's a lot of work also ?


M.R. : If you release a second record like the first one : I'm sure you're gonna be the next be thing.

Well, I won't mind (laughs)

M.R. : Can you tell me your 5 best Heavy Metal records ?

I'm not gonna give them in any particular order : One of them is definitely the second album of Forbidden - Twisted Form I really love that album. Another one is an instrumental piece : Joey Taffola called Out Of The Sun. Beneath The Remains from Sepultura. Thunder Steel from Riot and it will have to be Powerslave from Iron Maiden.

M.R. : When will Lost Horizon go on tour, that's the plan ?

Well, our immediate plan is to do as many festivals as possible during summer. Dynamo, Wacken hopefully, and some more.

M.R. : What is your dream with Lost Horizon ?

We want to tour the entire world, because on stage that's where life really starts for us. It's not comparable to other feelings, it's fantastic to feel the power of the audience. So that's what we want to do.

M.R. : One last word ?

Well... I suppose: "No Fate, Only The Power Of The Will". I really think that that's our main words. No fate, cause there is no fate, life is what you make of it. If you have the will, you have all the opportunities, or even get them. Nothing is free though, you have to work.

M.R. : Thank you very much for your time and congratulations again for delivering such a bombastic record

Thank you

Danny & Chris.
Your devoted reviewers.