Antonis: First of all, inform us with the latest news of the band...
The latest news is that the Dynamo Festival is cancelled because of the foot and mouth decease, and that news sucks tremendously. But nothing surprises us anymore when it comes to the irony of life. It's almost comic how hard circumstances can suck sometimes. We were really looking forward to perform there as one of our first and most important gigs so far. Anyway, we don't let things like this become us. Our time will come and it will come soon!!

Antonis: "Awakening the world" seems to be a very good album. Do you receive any good comments, or e-mails concerning the album, in general?
"…seems to be a very good album."? Do you think it suddenly will turn bad once you like it?! Well, so far the comments we get are remarkably positive. There are a lot of excellent reviews out in magazines and webzines, but of course you always have assholes that have to make fun out of this kind of music. But they’re really just making asses out of them selves by showing their ignorance - narrow-minded little humans that really don't know how to appreciate Music with a soul. There have not been many, but some people are so busy writing shit about this style of music, that they forget the professional approach reviewing music they are supposed to do. However, these people are amateur-clowns and shouldn't be paid ANY attention AT ALL, so I kind of regret that I even mentioned it here! We're also receiving fan-mail from all over the world: Europe, Australia and Japan. The word is out there to be conquered!

Kyriakos: Give us a brief report on how the album was set up, from composing the songs to the actual recordings.
Is it OK if I copy and paste from our website??! *… Kidding! I'll make it brief…Wojtek wrote most of the material during 90 - 94 during the Highlander era which was ended in early 95 and revived again in -98 by me, Martin and Wojtek. Daniel joined later and we changed our name to Lost Horizon, caused by the fact, that the name Highlander was already occupied by some joke-band, which have released albums. In 98 we started to rehearse (re)arranging the old material. We worked extremely hard in one year, especially Wojtek, perfecting the structure of the songs, the instrumental composition, vocal lines, keyboard arrangements and lyrics. The drums were recorded in Studio Fredman and the rest of the production were recorded on Pro Tool system that we bought. We rented rooms in different studios – in those, which was most suitable for the individual instrument to be recorded. It was very demanding for all of us, especially Wojtek who were present almost every minute of the production. We almost worn ourselves out, but when the result started to take form we knew it has been worth it!!! Our Metal spirits were refilled by the force of what we have created. Now we will share this force!

Kyriakos: What's the concept of this album?
The concept is obvious; in the cover, lyrics, music and artwork. It's all very thought through. Although, the most people aren't receptive for messages, and especially of this kind. The ones that get what we're trying to reflect, know what I mean. But the other people need to be guided. Nothing in this concept is unintentional or coincidental. If you just like the music - fine. If you get the helping energy from the hole concept – great!, this is what the album is for. If you have the same thoughts and feelings as is described in the music – you are our allied.

This is our official statement

The front cover’s symbolism.
Location – A world brought «beyond» – Earth.
The characters in suits represent the soulinfectors, controlling their victims like marionettes and whipping them with the whips of ruthlessness. Though the suits are mostly symbolic – this kind comes in many different shapes. Animal heads are an enhancement and an underline of their refinement. Specific, typical symbols of animals that man uses as symbols of despise, have been used to make the message more clear. The warp symbolises a dimension of our own common «thought» and awakening, where the rays are the radiating Force. The snakes symbolise lies that thrive. The humans symbolise the used and deceived victims, where the blindfold is their blindness. Us... who brings the new pure thought.

The lyrics.
All the lyrics of the songs have a common character.
They are a description about an innocent, happy and vital existence that gradually turns to complete misery through the interference and affection of extremely negative powers in different shapes, that through, among other things, misleading, corruption, confusion, indoctrination, rottenness, creating of guilt and fear, is poisoning the individual. Even the devastating features that man himself «creates», is described. The person is a victim of lies, stupidity, primitivism, blindness, limitation, weakness, self-destruction, low self-esteem, goallesness, etcetera, etcetera. He falls into the darkest abyss and stumbles in darkness. When he reaches the bottom he hears the voice of the inner self, which by the help of the Force brings the awakening. The awakening is a new start. A way back, followed by the Redintegration. The person never turns the same, but the pain has given him strength – he sees, hears, feels, thinks and senses in a much better way now. The dark experiences are turned into his advantage. The bright knowledge is mixed with the dark in a perfect composition. He finds the golden combination. The natural balance. Thus harmony and understanding. Thus knowledge and strength. Thus the point and himself. Now, in the strive for happiness. He had simultaneously developed a rebellious insight based on all he had seen and been trough, and declared war on the soulinfectors that rule the world. (...and beyond)

The reason.
The material on the album is the result of an ocean of very strong impressions, experiences and analyses, which has affected our lives. The most important subjects that generate inspiration are things such as: the cohesion with nature and its mystique and magic, the secret of existence, the compositions' and the notes' affect on humans, the will to share the knowledge, the will to learn and to help the ones that need it, the will to help others identifying themselves with likeminded who understands, and a lot more.

Kyriakos: How did you manage to create a power metal album that does not imitate at full length today's power metal bands?
It takes a lot of effort. The most important thing is to really COMPOSE the music and not only arrange it in the rehearsal room while playing. You have to think the music through, what you want it to say, how it should make you feel and always strive for something new and different from what you already know to include to do the music more rich. Progress is the keyword. Something that’s really important to know is, that there exist a peculiar phenomenon in music writing (there are many of them). As soon as the new created pieces of the new arrangements «automatically» feels comfortable and obvious, you need to stop here and rethink it carefully! The reason why you feel this way is because you’ve probably heard something like it before, and just copied it to your music, not being conscious about it. The human mind plays tricks. So, it’s sometimes hard to know the difference between what you’ve created and what you heard before and just reproduced, subconsciously. The new arrangements should feel unfamiliar, but still progressive and magic. This balance is one of the most difficult problems in music writing, something that people don’t know or don’t think much about, writing music. And please don’t judge us for same thing, as our songs’ bases are, like mentioned, written for then years ago.

Antonis: Ok, let's talk about live shows. Tell us about your touring plans...
We’re looking into the possibilities of going as a supporting act for some bigger honourable bands, but haven’t heard anything yet. With the Dynamo being cancelled the only confirmed performance is at the Eurorock Festival in Belgium in August. There are negotiations going on with a couple of other festival representatives. You'll have to keep yourselves updated with our website.

Kyriakos: Do you plan to have any special stage show that would represent your album's main idea during your gigs? Do you wear the paint shown on the CD booklet on stage?
Of course we do!!! And we’re also constantly upgrading our ideas of how to appear on stage. Currently we’re discussing some quite extraordinary ideas for the future. However – as usual – our creativity and progressive thinking is being held back by such ridiculous details as economy, knowing relevant people, lack of a stylist and own mixing engineer, stage and lighting limitation and so on. But have patience! Once we’re able to put on such a show, (something we think is obvious for this kind of Music), we guarantee the audience will be launched out of orbit!!!

Antonis: You have added a keyboard player to Lost Horizon's line-up. Did he take part in the recording process of the album?
Yes, we have now a keyboard player, and a second guitar player as well! Attila Public (keyboards) and Fredrik Olsson (guitar) are their names. No, none of them took part of the gigantically demanding and miserable process of conceiving this album, not Daniel (vocals) either, as he was present only during his own vocals’ recording. And lucky they should be!!! As in association with that mega studio job, everyone could end on a mental hospital. Lucky us, no one did. However, they are superb musicians with just the right personalities, that are required in a band of this calibre.

Kyriakos: Do you think that the world needs to be awakened, nowadays?
Such questions make me wonder if YOU are asleep Kyriakos? The World needs to be awakened in many, many aspects. Many people have already opened their eyes, but there are so many more… It makes one wonder if it's possible. I'll say YES!!! It doesn’t matter which part of life you’re talking about - Metal, everyday life, work, economy, environment and so on. That question is not needed to be asked. People are blinded. Fortunately, there are people in all areas promoting the similar message, but with different methods. We’re using Metal as our language. The Time is Now!!!

Antonis: What's your opinion about today's power metal bands? Do you believe that this scene is getting bigger and bigger these days?
The scene is getting bigger and bigger, but unfortunately the music is getting smaller and smaller (metaphorical - concerning the content)…

Antonis: Lost Horizon comes from Sweden. What's going on with the metal bands in your country? More and more bands appear from there. How do you feel about that?
Actually, I’m really not updated with the current Metal scene in Sweden, since there are not many Swedish bands that interest me. Hopefully some of them will reach a level where they compose high quality music with deep content, and then they can help us out filtrating the genre from unworthy acts in this country. Yes, it's getting crowded in the Metal scene, but only the pure and qualitative will prevail.

Antonis: Is there any bands/artists out there that influenced you?
Everywhere!!! Wherever you search, there is music that influences and inspires you, but unfortunately in the Metal genre there are not many left.

Antonis: What about the future plans of Lost Horizon?
To present ourselves, our music and our beliefs to the world and play as much live as possible until it's time to prepare for the next album's recording.

Antonis: What is your biggest ambition for this year?
Many festivals during the summer and early autumn. Then a tour with a bigger act would be pleasant during late autumn or winter.

Antonis: Any last comments for the fans?
Thank You Antonis for this interview. We have come to change, inspire and awake. And we are here to stay! Await the Armageddon in form of our gig. The conquer has begun!

From the band.
As a conclusion, we would like to announce that Lost Horizon was created to bring back to others, and at the same time to us, the lost meaning and will, which has been lost or covered up during some stage in life for different reasons. If the bands' name feels controversial in relation to the represented values, one should know that it is to be interpreted as "Once Lost Horizon", that is the once lost horizon that we strive to bring back to those who have/are going to/will lose it, and those who are looking for it. "Once" is not written, thus invisible, but it is always there.

Interview by Antonis Traoudas and Kyriakos Nathanael.

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