LOST HORIZON - May 2001 - Pazuzu

Q: Greetings Wojtek. How is your life lately?
A: Hello Pazuzu! Thanx! My life? Misery, like usually. What else. I live in Sweden, so You surely understand. Trivial emptiness and melancholy is overwhelming. But everything will have different approach soon. When the first wave of criticism is over, and when our convalescence period has had it's healing effect, we shall start the stage two - the conquer!

Q: Your debut album "Awakening The World" is out. Well, are you satisfied with the outcome?
A: Yes, of course. We are very satisfied. This is a documentation of our heavy metal past with Highlander, our old kid band. Of course, the songs are incomparable with the embryos from the old time. Now they are perfected and maximally balanced, both musically and spiritually with our personalities. This is True Metal!

Q: Is there a main theme / concept behind the lyrics? Are you trying to pass something to the listener?
A: Some-thing?! A lot! Of course there is a main theme! The album is an ideological concept. Music without the message is an empty shell. When I am involved, it will never happen. For all of what we are, Lost horizon means an opportunity to change things on a larger scale. Meaning; not only to play music and hope that people like it, but rather to bring about something with what we do and make people take a step back and awake their senses, thus contributing to a change not only in their lives, but also to the world.

Q: You are wearing costumes, paint your body and have weird nicknames. (Actually you are reminding some guys from Germany with appearance similar to yours. They use bagpipes and other instruments that they construct themselves.) Don't you think that many people may misjudge you from your whole image? There is a possibility not to take you seriously.
A: Our look is great, and what other think about it means nothing (!) to us. This is Metal, what is a projection of REBELLION - understand or die! (I don't mean You in person of course J). We HATE black T-shirts and black pants on stage! We ABHOR smiling wimp faces there. We DESPITE submissive ass-kissing "rock stars", carrying the false title of Metal. We puke on all wimps with bad self-confidence playing "Metal" proofing them selves and other their artificial toughness. Yes, I know there is a risk to be misinterpreted. There always IS at such situations. We have already red a lot of primitive reviews about us, written by near-minded apes. People are… let use the soft word "strange". They want heroes, spectacular happenings, truest metal from the heart, guidance... Theoretically, yes! But as far they got all that THEY ONLY COMPLAIN AND CRITICIZE! Shut the fuck up! Rethink your wishes, conclusions an stand-point in life. And remember; the time of theoretic metal ends with Lost Horizon!

Q: You have a new member in the band, Attila and he is the keyboard master :). How did you decide to pick Attila?
A: Yes, Attila Public is the keyboard lunatic. Why we decided that? Well, we didn't have to much choice to be honest (what I always am). Suitable keyboard players doesn't grow on trees. Martin, the bass player, knew him from the past. They played in a Tribal Tech similar band together. He has long hair, he is smart, he is big, he is angry, he is a rebel and he is a very good keyboard player! That means suitable for Lost Horizon. But he is not the only one to be a new member of Lost Horizon. We have a new guitar player too. His name is Fredrik Olsson. You can say he is the solo guitar player. I create all music (inclusive solos) and play some of them life. But the main solo work live is being done by him. He is really great guitarist and he loves to play solo. I'm nether the first or do the second of the mentioned. Yet, I play all the solos on "Awakening…". I will probably work the same way in the future, as in my opinion it's the best procedure. And what is most important with that, is that the stile will continue to remain pure, as only art created by one and the same artist is true. Otherwise it's a compromise. I hate compromises.

Q: Could you tell me some things about your older bands (i.e. Luciferion, Highlander)? Have you got any albums, promos, demos from that era?
A: Lost Horizon is a continuation of Highlander. But only sentimentally. As a band it's a totally new and fresh thought. Highlander existed between 90 and 94. Martin Furängen and me are the very original members. Christian joined Highlander shortly after. Daniel became a legal member in August 2000 but he was with us since June 2000. Attila and Fredrik are not permanent members, but they are probably about to become that title. With Highlander, we have done two demos. Still, only for personal use. Only music was of important at hat time. Before our debut album, we recorded two demo-CDs containing two songs on each, with two different singers. One day, all those songs will be included on a special "old times" album.

1. "Demo 94" - An unofficial demo tape
2. One full length album titled "Demonication (The Manifest)" - on Listenable Records / France
And the following compilations:
3. "Tribute To Metallica" - the song "Fight Fire With Fire" - on Black Sun Records / Sweden
4. "World Domination" - the song "Blasphemer" - Osmose Productions / France
5. "Tribute To Slayer" - the song "Chemical Warfare" - on Black Sun Records / Sweden
6. "Tribute To KAT" - the song "Czarne Zastepy" (KAT is the Polish ultimate cult-band) on Pagan Records / Poland
7. "Tribute To Mercyful Fate" - the song "Black Funeral" - on Listenable Records / France
8. "Tribute To Sodom" - the song "Blasphemer" - on Drakkar Records / Germany

More albums will come! The first of them will be a mini-album with four new songs + the old Demo 94 (five songs).

Q: Have you got a tour plan? I know that you played live with Savatage & Rhapsody. How was the show & the other 2 bands?
A: No, no, there is a general misunderstanding abut the contributing bands. There were totally sex bands and Savatage was only meant to perform at that occasion. Anyway, that was our first official gig. It was really great! 2000 people welcoming and supporting us from the very beginning. Simply great! We long for France now he, he. But we even got some complements from some "significant" jurks, that said we "acted like a headline band, and not equivalent to the status of an opening band". Ha, ha, ha… You haven't see anything yet! Some occasions to be an opening-band for a very known Metal-act disappeared, caused by that - BUT WHO CARES?!!!

Q: What are the band's main influences and of course what are your main influences?
A: First, pure musically. When it comes to the music styles which gilds my soul, these are: ambience, metal, film music, Elend and similar music, mystical death, black, thrash, speed, trance, no modern power metal at all! (except Rhapsody), western, folk, Enya similar music, grind, hard punk, classic and other… Martin Furängen (bass): Metal, techno-thrash, techno death, classic, goa-trance, techno-trance, fusion, 80's synth, Tribal Tech similar music… Daniel Heiman (vocals):, metal, punk, opera, hardcore, country, blues, pop, disco, trance, techno, synth… Attila Publik (keyboards): jazz, fusion, Tribal Tech similar music, progressive, folk mm. Fredrik Olsson (guitar): progressive, fusion, groove metal, classic, doom-power metal mm. Christian Nyqvist (drums): metal, techno, classic, funk, progressive rock mm.

Q: What's the opinion of a true warrior about women? A really old teacher of mine said to me once: "Pazuzu do you know what is a woman? Woman is the oasis of the warrior!". What do you think of that?
A: I understand exactly what Your teacher meant. Though, I will not fall in the web of that "romantic" philosophy of the blind. Woman can be an oasis for a warrior, but a very temporary such', and on a very instable ground. What attracts a warrior to the women is only different aspects of nature, no logic. Women gives just an artificial consolation, while the real one lays inside your spirit. Do never let a women come near your magic realm more than on the necessary distance! She is an add to a warrior, NOT THE GOAL! Remember that, or be out-sucked of the life-force and fall!

Q: That's all Wojtek. Thanx for your time. Is there anything that you would like to add?
A: Thanx a lot for the interview. Remember, Lost Horizon is True Metal deepest from the heart and mind! This is NOT even more power metal clown-act about nothing. Await our gigs! By the way, we are playing on Dynamo in May!!! Join us there! See you guys!

Wojtek Lisicki of Lost Horizon

Our band site:http://ww.oncelosthorizon.com/

Interviewed by Pazuzu, May 2001

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