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Christian Nyquist - Lost Horizon

Tommy: What kind of impressions and reactions have you recieved from your debutalbum? What new angels/developments (if any)have taken place since the release?

  • Christian: A lot of things has happened since then . We have learned a great deal of things. We have grown more professional and mature as musicians. I think that will be hearded on the next album. It will be easier to carry our visions into effect.
    The reactions has been tremendously positive.
    We have succeeded with our vision… to produce true, nloble metal ;) People seem to recieve and interpret the lbum just as it was meant to, in general.

Tommy: How has your music been recieved and looked upon in for example Germay? This kind of music must fit perfectly for the metal-fastidious population down there...according to me you made one of the 3-4 best albums during last year, with a pondus of seldom seen manner that should make for example Manowar, Wizard and Hammerfall realize that they might as well go to bed and watch MTV instead of even trying to continue what they do, and I doubt that I am alone having that opinion.

  • Christian: The truth is that Germany isn't that impressed by our music that you would think. What is causing that I don't know but I suspect that A.T.W could have done better with some more promotion there plus the fact that we haven't done any tours.
    Maybe they need some time to rise above the Hammerfall-level to be able to appreciate Lost Horizon…

Tommy: What have the different members of Lost Horizon been involved in earlier? Such eminent musicians isn't likely to just appear from nowhere, but instead must have had their fingers and noses poking in other things before.
I guess many with me would find that interesting to find out, so you can check out productions of the early years....

  • Christian: You are absolutely right! We don't just come from nowhere. We have been around in various constellations since the beginning of the 90's. then we were known under the name Highlander but that band were put on ice from -95 until -98 when we restarted it and that eventually resulted in Lost Horizon.
    Wojtek has been active with his deathmetalband Luciferion together with Martin during 95-96 I believe it was.
    I personally haven't been active in any official constellations but have been musically active during the whole 90's. Me and Martin studied music at Musicians Intitute of Technology in Hollywood 93-94 and also Fredrik Olsson (2nd guitarist) has attended to this education but at another period of time.
    Furthermore he has also played with Daniel Heiman earlier and Daniel came stright from the Boråsbased band Conviction when he joined Lost Horizon.
    Atilla Publik (keyboard) has been playing in numerous bands and projects with just as many different musical styles, especially jazz.

Tommy: What is the situation at the moment regarding different members engagements on the side from Lost Horizon? Sideprojects - is there even time for such? - and in that case: any albums planned? Studio/producer jobs or equal assignments?

  • Christian: At the moment there are no time for sideprojects but there will be in the future. Wojtek will soon release yet an album with his deathmetal-band Luciferion(old material) but after that it will most likely take a while before any of the members will have time to spare for sideprojects, but the thoughts and ideas are present so it will happen…

Tommy: The next studioalbum? How does the plans look for that one - can we expect to hear Lost Horizon as we are used to (and want to) hear them, have new sources of inspiration found its way into the domains of L.H, or will the present tempo and power just be brought up a level?

  • Christian: The next album are planned to be released in September. Yet another summer locked up in a studio! The music will continue in the sign of Lost Horizon and contain more Power and Might than earlier. The fans that got hooked on our style can be calm. The next album will have just the same high standard. After all, it's we that will bring the Once Lost Horizon back!

Tommy: How does the festivalsummer look for L.H? Any dates/locations planned in that area? And how will it loo after the release of the next album? Lost Horizon on the swedish roads a bit more in the future? If that is not the case - how come?

  • Christian: Considering the astronomical amount of work we are facing ahead with our second powerpackage we haven't that much gigs planned during the spring and the summer, since then is when the album will be recorded.
    Some gigs we will perform, though. We will play few smaller places during spring. The exact dates can be found on our website: http://www.oncelosthorizon.com/.
    We will play at the Decibel-Festival in Bengtsfors May 18th and apart from that we have a little surprise for all true Metalfans this summer but so far it is unofficiell.

Tommy: And finally - any words of wisdom or funny facts about the nearest future
you want to share with the readers?

  • Christian: You have seen the first chapter( the prolouge)… now the time has come for the second… this time we will go offensive… we will be heared and seen everywhere… you who believed that the new Metal-era had been and swept away… allow me to smile… It is now the true metal-winds will sweep over the planet…so go find something to hold on to cause now the god damn time is here!
    The Time is Now!!!

That was all I had for now, Christian - the staff at metalcovenant.com wish you all the very best for the future, and we sincerely want to thank you for keeping the spirit of Metal alive!


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