Not very often that we see a new band release such a charismatic album with great power and amazing assurance. Swedish band Lost Horizon is one of those band who can create a big buzz with their very first offering. Everything that concern Lost Horizon is part of a concept (Lyrics, make-up, music...). Welcome to the World of Lost Horizon who seems to be the new whooping couch of Power Metal music.

Interview with Martin Furängen (bass player) of Lost Horizon

By DAnko


Hello Martin! Are you proud so far with the response/critics of your album "Awakening The World"?

Hello Danko! Well, yes we are proud, and we are very pleased with how it all came out. We are actually quite overwhelmed with the response we have been receiving from all around the World, and also, more unexpectedly, from the U.S. as we did not think this kind of music had any future there. It seems we were wrong...

Some Press/media & radio host are calling your band "The new Power metal sensation". How does it feel to be recognized like this? Are you considering your band like the new power metal sensation?

Hmm, how do I reply to this... The fact that they do talk about us in this manner is obviously very flattering and it feels really great. And we definitely do consider us being different from the mainstream of new metal that keeps pouring out! I'll leave it up to the audience to decide whether it is sensational...

What is your recipe to create such good melodic & catchy songs?

Wojtek Lisicki - a phenomenal songwriter and arranger! It is actually that simple, all this comes so natural for him. The rest is only hard work in making perfection.

Ok now let' s talk about what's seems to be very important for you guys...What's the whole concept behind Lost Horizon?

Well, we want to be more than just another metal-band. We want to actually say something with what we do, and in everything we do - music, lyrics, artwork, appearance - everything. To make a change.

Why are you using "nickname" but also let us know what your real name are? Can you tell me what is the meaning of each members "personnage" name?

Firstly, they are not nicknames; they are titles to describe our personalities in a more spiritual way. Not stage-names! If you haven't got any listing of our actual names, here they are: Wojtek Lisicki - guitar, Christian Nyqvist - drums, Martin Furangen - bass, Daniel Heiman - vocals, Attila Publik - keyboards and Fredrik Olsson - guitar. My title, Cosmic Antagonist, to me it means in short that I am constantly questioning, opposing and seeking the answer to things (antagonist) and on a large scale (cosmic), meaning everything from everyday issues, to the World order, to the origin of Universe. I would not want to explain my band mates' titles, so I'll leave it for them to do at another time.

Some elements of the song "Perfect Warrior" remind me of an old Crimson Glory song back in 1988. Are your influence in any way by this band, using yourself fashion, style & makeup. Are you influenced by bands like Stratovarius & Rhapsody?

I would have to say no to all of the above! Any similarities with elements of "Perfect Warrior" to any Crimson Glory (great band btw!) songs are coincidental. Our use of costumes and paintings are purely and only a way for us to further enhance the way we deliver our personalities to the World. Some people feel good wearing jewelry, we feel good being bare-chested and wearing war painting art. Rhapsody, Stratovarius or any other "modern power metal" is not influencing at all for us. Personally, it is not really my kind of metal. And I would say that we are more towards classic eighties heavy metal, with the type of spirit you find in American metal like Riot and Manowar.

How does it feel for a young band like yours to already take part in a Festival as important as Wacken Open Air in Germany?

It feels quite natural actually... Even though we are new to the scene, we are not new in metal. This is something we have been living with for a very long time, so we are already used to the thought. But of course, it feels really great to be playing at places like the WOA, and we are truly looking forward to it!

What are your thoughts about the metal scene in general and also the Power/progressive metal scene right now?

The fact that metal in general is growing again, and quite a lot too, is of course great! One minus would be maybe, that regarding power metal there has been a slight overfeeding to the market, due to it being some sort of trend for many European labels (not MFN though...). This results in too many albums with poor quality and weak material is being released, which might be discouraging to the true metal audience.

Are you worried about what could be happening to this planet in the future? Do you really think that you can influence a lot of people with the message in your songs and even change something or the mentality of young people listening to your music?

It is interesting that you have taken notice of our message! Yes, I'm concerned of what is happening to society, to the World and to the planet. The main theme in our lyrics on this album is to find the way back in life, and with the music to deliver a giant portion of positive energy - all to find the strength again. I absolutely think we can influence people with both our music and our lyrics! It is all about wanting to make a change, and if you want something bad enough there is no limit in what you can achieve. There is no fate. Only the power of will.

To close this interview, are you confident to be part of the metal scene for a few years & and in that venue what can we expect from Lost Horizon in the near future?

We are very confident, and I think we will be part of the metal scene for more than a few years! In the near future we will be playing live as much as possible, and there will most likely be a European tour this fall as support. Whether there will be a U.S. tour shortly I don't know yet, but I would really hope so. Furthermore we plan to start recording the second album in early next year and hopefully release it in the fall of 2002.