As all you know in these last years many power bands were born. Among them maybe many were born only to make money, but surely others have given us excellent music. This is, for me, the Lost Horizon's case, Swedish band who has made a vigorous debut and they will be able to conquer many fans. The album is avalaible since on 26th March, I advice to you to buy it but also to read the interview with the drummer Christian Nyqvist...

Well Christian, could you tell us the band's history until the contract with Music For Nations?
Of course. In the beginning of 90s me, the guitar player Liscki and the bass player Martin Furangen started a band called Highlander together with Joacim Cans and other guys. Highlander began in the early 90s and changed some members during that time. In 1994 Martin and Wojtek Liscki went on tour with a death metal band and after 4 years we met once again with a new line-up and with more experience. We decided to take the old material and updated it. After one year we had our first demo and we received many answers from labels, but Music For Nations was the one who believed stronger in us. It was the best choice for us.
Why Joacim Cans, Patrick Rafling and Stefan Elmegren have decided to leave Lost Horizon for Hammerfall? Maybe for artistic divergences?
We hadn't artistic divergences, but it was a natural thing. As I said before in '94 Martin and Wojtek went on tour, we stopped our activity and Joacim and the two other guys have founded Hammerfall. That's all.
What do you think of the direction they have taken?
They play a very traditional kind of metal, I congratulate them for their success. I think that they helped the new generation to start listening to metal again. I don't want to compare our music to their because for me our music is very different also if it's always power metal.
What do you think about Sweden power metal scene and what could Lost Horizon represent in it and at international level?
I hope that our music could be considered of high quality, we put in it a lot of energy and I think you can hear this when you listen to the album. I hope that our quality can help us coming out since as there are many power bands. I fear that some bands haven't a lot of chance. We started to play this music 10 years ago and it was very natural for us, we have good chance to come out of the mass.
What do you mean by the mass? Do you think there are bands of low quality?
With mass I want to say that there are many power bands, but many don't recognize music as art, but I don't want to name anyone.
Do you know some Italian power bands?
I know Rhapsody and Labyrinth.
Let's talk about your debut "Awakening The World". Listening to it I found some differences compare with bands who play your style. Your music is much more aggressive and much more "metal" than, for exemple, Hammerfall. What do you think?
That is something we really want to put on this album because we think Heavy Metal is about strong emotions, power. When we recorded the album we wanted it more powerful as possible.
Another characteristic that has impressed me is Daniel Heiman's voice. For me Daniel is the classic metal singer, very far from the model imposed by Michael Kiske. What do you think?
I think that Daniel has a divine voice, his voice is magical to me, it's perfect for our music. We met him in a birthday party a couple of years ago, he was performing there. We have immediately understood that we needed his voice, so we have met there. When we recorded the demo he couldn't sing with us because he had another band. But when we signed the contract he definitely joined the band.
What about the nicknames that all you have? Why this choice?
They aren't nicknames or artistic names, but they are titles we're using to reflect our personalities in a spiritual way. So we decided to put them also in the booklet.
I found very cool the cover. Whose got the idea and what's gonna communicate?
The idea is the result of all band, we discussed together about the cover. It had to be something extraordinary, it had to reflect the band and the music on the album; it's a moving picture because when you take a look of it, it seems that action is real. The message in the picture it's obvious, especially if you read the lyrics.
So what are they about?
At first I want to say that in center of them there's the listener, their first messagge is looking inside of yourself. But the most important thing they communicate is: open the eyes and feel the power you have inside of you. Everybody have to realize and use this power to achieve something in life and not relay in the fate.
What should a listener expect from the music of Lost Horizon?
Surely a lot of power. I just hope when someone listens to the labum realizes the power inside and uses it in a real life, we've made this album with all our power. Our music gives a lot of positive energy.
Internet keeps growing more and more evryday; did you have an official website?
Yes, of course. It will open up on 26th of March when the album comes out. This is special for us because Internet can reach out a great audience. In my opinion it's useful download music to know more bands it's not dangerous because collectors will always buy the original to have package with lyrics and so on. They aren't satisfied to download only some songs.
Will you have a tour to promote the album?
Yeah, we're going to play in Paris on 31th of March in a festival with Rhapsody, Savatage and some others. We are looking for the possibility to play in some European festivals in spring and summer, but nothing is confirmed yet. You will be able to get informations from our website. We want to play live as much as possible.
Do you have any final message for our readers?
Destiny doesn't exist, make life your own way!!!

(Luca Galvagni)